Post your Dirty Jumper


Also, the 6600 front derailleur works better than yaw with yaw shifting.


This really interests me.


It’s weird. But I do think the 6600 derailleur was actually the pinnacle of front shifting technology… for Sram.


Have you tried others from Shimano? What is it that’s specific to the 6600?


6600 was the last year before Shimano started futzing with cable pull.

From what I can tell Sram has never actually changed anything about cable pull on their road shifters and apparently just copied the early 10s Shimano blueprint for front shifting design (poorly).

7700 works too but they are harder to find NOS and the finish sucks/breaks down.

Haven’t looked lately but 6600 braze on pushers were dirt cheap for a while on eBay so I stocked up years ago when Sram front derailleurs were especially abysmal.


Can (probably) confirm. Pretty sure I have a 6600 gen Ultegra pusher on my Telekom gettin pulled by old SRAM Red.

It works.

I don’t even know where it came from, but when I got my mostly Red group from another Tarcker it came with a clamp style pusher and I needed a bolt style and it was in my parts bin…


7900/6700/5700 changed and doesn’t like SRAM too much


I had one sitting in my spares bin.

Here’s goes nothing!


I can’t afford a HG but the new BMC MCD/Road+ frames look great.


I haven’t ever had a problem with my force 11 speed front shifting. I don’t remember having a problem with 10 speed wither.
my older 10 speed dura ace (integrated cable) was needy as fuck though as far as adjustments.


Got bored at work, so I’m naterodding this thing again.


pure class


Got a pretty bitchin’ paloma bag over the weekend.


Damn, that looks nice. Is it pretty stable without any kind of rack?


I wouldn’t put a 6 pack of beer in it, but for fast-paced activities where you need a rainjacket and some other essentials, it’s great.

I hate cramming shit into my jersey pockets.


That’s a fast looking Nord!


Beat my Mt. Evans record on it a couple weeks ago. 3h38m up the mountain, which isn’t some world record, but it was 20mins faster than my best time.

Of course I think Amy did it in a full hour less than I did…



Got a pretty bitchin’ paloma bag over the weekend.[/quote]

Apart from the color, benefits compared to the Ortlieb handlebar bag?


It might be a hair larger, but mostly no. I have used the ortlieb one and it’s perfectly serviceable, and probably even more waterproof.

But you can’t get it in neon pink.

edit: I actually have a red one that I’ll give to anyone in need, but it doesn’t include the $25 mounting bracket.


[quote=aek]Got bored at work, so I’m naterodding this thing again.

I’m going to mail all my frames to the socialist nightmare to get glamour shots