Post your more epic-type rides

I’m riding this next week:

It’s in the middle of this:
Click the show elevation button.

Round trip to my house in town is about 90km. I’m hoping to get it in about 4 hours. I’ve climbed stuff that is steeper on average, but never on any rides that are this long. I know this isn’t officially epic for a lot of people (there are some former pros around here who ride this loop twice for a good workout), but it’ll be totally amazing if I finish in under 5 hrs. It’s around the back of the mountain right next to town. There are small villages in that area, but also several places where I won’t be able to find any water for 20k or so. Theres no way I’ll be able to find any food that I can eat, so I’m going to have to carry stuff with me.

What stuff have ya’ll ridden?

I ride at least 11 miles on a regular basis.

Ha I went on my first actual ride(y’know lycra and whatnot) since I got hit, yesterday. It was all of maybe 10 miles. It was nice but wow I’m outta shape. But I’m gonna have a lot to add to this thread in the coming month.

I did logan square, chicago to the Wisconsin Border and back (98 miles, fixed) on the 2nd to last nice day of the year. I still cant decide what was harder. That or standing for five hours at the obama rally in grant park the next day.

^ Standing totally is harder. I hate standing in one spot for any longer than 5 minutes.

Woah dude.

i rode with a taiwanese fixed gear crew from Taipei city to Taipei county and back into the city. it started at 9:30 pm with about 40-50 people and ended at 5:30 am in the morning with me and one other guy.
It was really fun because of how empty and quiet a crazy city like Taipei becomes at 3am in the morning. I felt ninja and serenity at the same time.

Dude. That 101 building is just stupid tall.

i ride to the coffee shop pretty regularly

this summer i rode 60 miles round trip on my ss 29er to get to some singletrack. then i rode the crazy singletrack for a couple of hours, and rode back. 70 mile days on a mtn bike are pretty nuts. i did this at least twice (three times i think).

I would totally kick it with you

My last epic ride wasn’t too epic. I rode the entire green belt (though usually parallel to it, I hate the greenbelt path itself). Ended up being about 40 miles roundtrip. Not epic, but I was expecting a 20 mile trip so I hit the wall pretty hard on my way home.

i forgot my most recent epic ride: biking home at 4am in the middle of a snowstorm. there was so much snow i could only bike down the main roads that had a single plow path down them, plus i could hardly see. luckily there wasn’t any traffic. when the main road ended, i took the bike path as far as i could, then i walked with my bike on my shoulder quite a ways. yes i was drunk.

oh, and previous to this i passed on making a move with this girl that i work with who is about to end a bad relationship. hopefully my gentlemanliness is rewarded with some action when i see her in a few weeks and she is officially single.

as everyone probably already knows, i did this in august:

i did the full 106 miles on my ss madison.
it spiked up to 116degrees, but was 108 most of the time.
fucking br00tal.

elevation- not that bad:


^ At first, I thought the chart read “Attitude Over Distance.”

my attitude spiked about 86 miles.

I think that chart sums up th trend of my attitude over a longer ride as well haha.

i can’t wait till it warms up some. i miss riding to work, even though it was hot as balls

This was my best ride ever, I did it a long time ago, on a full geared mountain bike. It was an awesome day of riding. I actually rode it again a few months later. ... 6440380561

A few days ago I rode 15 miles fixed on my polo bike geared at 40x22. Maybe not epic but an exhausting ride.

Earlier this summer was the Riverwest24. A 24 hour race around a neighbor hood in Milwaukee. The coarse was a 5 mile loop. Whoever had the most laps at the end of 24 hours won. There were a few categories - Solo, Tandem, Group A, or Group B. Category ‘A’ could have up to six people but could only use one bike they had previously decided on. Category ‘B’ could also have up to six people but each of the six could use there own bike. One rider, per team, at a time.

My team won 1st of catagory B out of 70some teams. We all rode two laps and then switched, leaving you enough time to rest but not to fall asleep. Each memeber ended up riding about 70 miles. A few dudes that did it solo rode double centuries, two of them were fixed. One dude, a coworker, did it with his dad and tied for third together.

So. Much. Fun.