Post your most embarrassing bike

I’ll start

Made a nice profit on it though, so there’s that.

[quote=emor]I’ll start


This was posted in the jackass thread before I joined

fuck, everything is so wrong

Tough call.

moustache bars
gaspipe frame with ultra trex fit (64 st, 54 tt)

Mine antedate my having a digital camera, but

  1. a Peugeot singlespeed conversion I assembled before I understood what a chainline was. Why did the chain keep falling off? Luckily I bought a De Bernardi track frame off a dude shortly thereafter, which limited the mistakes I could make setting up a one speed bike. this was in 2000?
  2. A road bike with bullhorn bars and thumb shifters on the outer elbows of said bars. Also featuring Rolf Vector Comps. Total hotness, again, circa 2000/2001.

It’s not embarrassing for the bike, it’s embarrassing for the photo.

Circa 2006. Guess I was ahead of the randofop curve. I got so fished in by Rivendell when I didn’t know anything, holy shit a 62-cm bike for me. I’d probably still have this if it was a more reasonable 57 cm. Of course with extensive modifications.

My first biek tour. I added a helmet mirror shortly after.

I tried to be a DHBro for about 5 minutes

Edit: ca 2007. At least I made a good profit on the bike when I sold it

[quote=oogens]This was posted in the jackass thread before I joined

fuck, everything is so wrong[/quote]
lol, I remember this thing

I fixed the levers and the saddle eventually, but it was still a Klein


Not-so past.

I love all of my bikes, past and present.

This bike brought me here from being in the JA thread.

When it was new in 2006.
cityfixed by thurstonboise, on Flickr

I’ve replaced everything, but still ride this bike more than anything else.

Not embarrassing, but here’s the transformation of my fixed gear bicycle into a sweet fixie.

Then it got a coaster brake and a basket

And there’s this monstrosity my neighbor gave me when I was going to community college.

OMG love the Shizzle