Pro Doperz Suck Thread

No matter how hard I try to maintain my love of pro cycling, the guys I choose to root for are always kicking me in the nuts. Tom B is the latest
DUMBASS in a long line of disappointments :colbert:

Who cares if he tests positive for coke? If it’s not performance-enhancing it doesn’t upset me in the least.


It’s on the WADA banned substance list. If he wasn’t using it to enhance his performance I guess it’s no big deal, lame as shit but no biggie. You can’t deny the obvious performance enhancing possibility of doing coke to ride a bike faster.

Doing a line of coke isn’t like taking meth or something like that. The “sped-up” feeling from coke lasts a very short period of time and is followed by a much longer period of reduced capacity.

I’d bet almost anything that it’s being used by these dudes in a recreational way.

I’m too Libertarian to hold recreational drug use against anybody. A lot of other people will, this is still going to leave another black mark on the sport regardless of why he was doing it.

Coke sucks.

Sir Ben Kingsley loves his coke.

So dose she, I wouldn’t put her in the pro tour either.

Pretty sure he was just doing it recreationally. The pros did coke in the tour long ago before the arrival of amphetamine, guess why they stopped using it?

I’d bet almost anything that it’s being used by these dudes in a recreational way.[/quote]

like, to see who can balance their bike on their face the longest?

i have no love for coke, but i don’t care who uses it. i don’t see why the riders just can’t stay clean, period. it’s not that hard really. especially when something important as this is on the line.

Yeah. Seems like there’s plenty of time to get chubby and fucked up after you retire.

Can this possibly surprise anyone? He’s a fucking Flemish racer. He probably snorted it off some girl’s tits at the discothèque.

That sounds more interesting than hitting the inhaler a few too many times.

I’m with you on this one. If you are a pro athlete of any kind it is your job to stay clean, stay in shape, and win.

Dudes just suck at their jobs apparently.

shit, if i got paid to ride a bike fast i would do pretty much anything to keep it that way.

yea not downplaying or saying their job is easy…but if riding was all i had to do, i’d try real real hard not to mess it up

i can firmly say that no matter what, i’d stay clear of “enhancements” and doping. not only is it cheating, it means you aren’t good enough. if you’re resorting to doping, then get the fuck out of the way and let the real ATHLETES move up.