Profile vs. Phil Wood

So, I really want to build a dope wheelset and I’m torn between the profile fixed hubs and Phil High flanges. Any opinion?
Phil - History, Reputation
Profile - Colors, Bootleg Session Approved.

Phil - High Flange is really huge.
Profile Fixed - New product, not time tested.

I could go either way on this. I did find a set of Phils shipped for around $230 new.

Oh yeah, they’ll probably be laced to Velocity Aero, Aerohead, or some other low profile rim.

I’ve seen a set of wheels built with Profiles in person and they seem pretty legit. Oh, keep in mind they give a 44mm chainline.

Personally I like Phil low flange a lot (in aesthetic), and you can get bearing upgrade options on Phil hubs.

But really, I don’t think you can go wrong either way. Then there’s Paul hubs (another expensive 44mm chainline option) too.

Screw it, I’ve been talking about buying new hubs for a long long time.
Pulled the trigger on a pair of Phils from tree fort bikes.

I saw a Profile hub in a shop yesterday, and it is really ridiculously overbuilt.

Isn’t that the point though with Profile, Phil and Paul?

Profile has been around for 25+ years.
I’m assuming Phil Wood’s been around for 25+ too?
They’re both great companies with good products.
Profile is new to fixed though so they’re using the BMX background and making overbuilt stuff.
They also are sponsoring some guys that look like they beat the fuck out of their bikes so that could be why too.
We have a Profile Fixed hubset in anodized “Confetti”(turquoise sheel with pink flecks) at the LBS.

I’ve always been a believer that if you’re going to spend the big bucks you might as well go looseball, i.e. Dura Ace or Suntour… but Phil LF with upgraded bearings is always tempting to me if I could ever find the right deal.

Be cool like me and pay too much for them then put them on a bike you never even ride.

that’s a shame, if there’s any wheelset that’s meant to be ridden it’s a phil wheelset. if you said the same about some vintage campy looseball i’d understand.

but i’ve had the problem of riding my beater bike more than my nice bike too. i’ve learned it’s only really worth it to dump lots of money into a nice bike that you won’t ride daily if you plan on racing it, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting/conspiring to own all kinds of idealistic/showpiece bikes like a classic italian track with tubbies or a full NJS minus the kashimax saddle and non-clipless pedals, with tubbies.

my framebuilder says he will never not have at least a rear profile on his bmx bike, assumes their fixed hubs will be of similar quality

my friend loves the hell out of her fixed profile hubs

They purple tho, who wouldn’t love that?

Your friend only be ridin a single Profile hub (for now)!

I always had problems with the Profile rear cassette on my BMX. Im also really hard on my parts.
The profile hubs (at least BMX ones) have zero adjustability for the cone nuts against the bearings. Ive seen hubs completely tightened down(my last profile being one of them) and still be able to wobble the shell back and forth about a mm or two after they’ve been ridden for awhile. Not enough to make it totally break but enough to piss you off all day.
I’ve also seen that same thing happen to their front hubs(BMX).

It doesn’t seem like profile would have to do much to make a fixed hub. They’ve had a 3/8 flip/flop BMX hub for years, couldn’t you just use that and put a cog on it?

Nobody’s posted any fotos of the hubs so I’m posting my purple shell. Profile always has the coolest anodized colors.

I’ve never seen a Paul hub, but Phils aren’t comically over-built, just a big, sturdy hub. The Profile looked absolutely ridiculous. I guess Profile is trying to be ahead of the curve, and make some money off “fixed gear freestylers” before the trend dies down, and in that case, the hub is probably fine. Seriously though, I never really heard of the hub failing doing tricks, usually the rims would go first. And anyway, don’t you need a carbon 650c front wheel in order to do it right?

nah she back in business

Zelah, today is Saturday. We heard the HUF was ready yesterday. We want pics…

i love the profile lockring. you dont even need spokes or rims or tires, you can just pull mad skids on the lockring for miles.

the headtube H gave the painter trouble since it was polished and he has to go in sunday to fix it :colbert:

you’ll see it soon

the headtube H gave the painter trouble since it was polished and he has to go in sunday to fix it :colbert:

you’ll see it soon[/quote]
hella lame