Rush hour pro's

Does anyone know if theres anyway to get the frames new?

no. but they’re bad ass.

They only made them for one year, sadly. '07 I believe.

think by some odd chance ther’d be any NOS ones anywhere?

accidental double post.



There’s one down here in FL at Big Wheel Cycles. I saw it hanging in the back. I believe it’s NOS. They also have a pretty sweet LOOK track frame.

They have a couple completes hanging up at Uptown Bikes, in Chicago.

Upgrade in Chicago also has at least one.

Where’s Upgrade?

Milwaukee and Chicago. They get the bad news on But everyone there is fucking rad.

I’d … rush … her … pro… for an hour?

I mean, BOOBSES!!

edited for more cusses and a period that I forgot.

I just purchased one of these off of craigslist (well my friend did but im paying him in lumps as i sell off some shit) for $650 today, the previous owner basically ruined it. it was spray painted slime green and the original coat was sanded and fucked up underneath, it was also covered in stickers. The bb and headset are stock, the cranks are dura ace ROAD cranks, the wheels are shitty mavic road rims laced to surly hubs. Good eai cog, mks pedals carbon seatpost… I think i got a pretty good deal though, they were originally asking 900 which is ridiculous if you could of seen it (i have no pictures) Im gonna clean it up and eventually get it powder coated.

Im very confused with the geometry on this bike though, It was posted as a 59cm, i checked it out and it fit me fine like a 59cm, but i go home measure it c-top tube and somhow i get like a 56cm…but it still fits me and im 6’2(a little small, but comfortably). the cranks are 175’s, but the top tube is still about an inch from nut level. 22in x 2.54?



it’s U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d

Spelled thusly, the double-d for an extra dose of pimping.

double dose

How safe is it to powder coat an aluminum frame? I hear so many bad things about aluminum frames since “steel is reel” but i know its not breaking on me unless i do stupid shit like use it as a trick bike. I just don’t know if the heating of powder coating will fuck it up.