Score of the day / nouveau E-Rock'n

From a neighbor’s garage sale, paid $60 for the lot:

-Giant 150mm derper post w/ remote, essentially new.
-Two SRAM shifter mounts I needed for some deadender X-O shifters.
-Riser bar, barely used.
-Front rack, built from tubular steel. Mfr unknown. Kinda Nitto-esque, seems like chrome under the black paint. The struts are located for lowrider rack boss attachment, near as I can tell. Note little hand stitched leather wrap, not sure what that’s for, maybe a canti brake straddle hanger kept rattling against the rack tube? The flat front reflector tab makes me think maybe it’s a production rack?

Craigslist is dead here, but there are so many bikey folks you just gotta find the right yard sale. @motorbacon do you know a Colin, mechanic for the Giant off-road/Enduro team?


If you don’t need that dropper and want to make some bux I’ll buy it if it’s 30.9

It is 30.9. I’ll let you know, might need a 125, but won’t know for sure until the bike is all together.

Meeting him on the 23rd.

What’s up?

You can run a 125mm cartridge in it. Boom 125mm deeper.

Is Colin your neighbor? Small fucking world if so.

Good to know about the cartridge!

He lives a block away, never met him until the garage sale. Sometimes there is a huge Giant branded dually pulling a big 5th wheel trailer parked out front so I always wondered who it was.

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that would be the riv-designed nitto mini front rack with the legs de-bent

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A-ha! That explains the not-arrow-straight current condition of the legs.

$50, with a few bags of parts and a kidback setup with custom tiny crank arms.


score! cool thomson quill stem :wink:


Score, did it come with the handjob?

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Yes, but no toe jam unfortunately.

Yeah, that’s a steezy dad-machine.

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$20 Rockhopper. Not a mega-score but pretty good, even if most of the parts are crap it’s worth it just for the frame.
(seller’s pic)


Picked these out of the trash a couple nights ago - superbe hubs to arayas:


man I miss my ancient tubulars. I had some 36h mavic something or others laced to cheap cheap modern hubs. Loved em. Felt like I was flying on spaghetti

curb scored a globe hybrid ytoday. needs new tire and spoke and lube, but should be easy to flip after spending an hour on it.


The curb gods are paying you back for that tandem!

Big ups to @jimmythefly for facilitating for me a $100 Kona Jake!!!

Can’t wait to explore some powerline trails around here and hopefully not get gunned down by Whitey