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I’m in the market for sealed fixed hubs in black. Phils are bricks and pauls have goofy chainlines. What are my options?

Formulas are good and cheap.
I see no reason to get any thing else.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Formulas are good and cheap.
I see no reason to get any thing else.[/quote]
because they’ll be going on a balling ass custom frame

my vote goes for gran comps, although theyre pretty similar to formula.

i still dont really see a problem with putting formulas on a ballin ass custom frame, if it works well it works well, no sense in spending way more money. not to mention half the sealed hubs are the market are pretty much clones of that.

if you wanna be ballin, what about campy?

dia compe gran comps?
american classic?

can’t do campy cause there’s a lot of dura ace. Also campy’s loose ball.

Taking a look at American classics

black is a bit of a limiter. the new white industries hubs are really nice and so are the zipps… both are polished silver, though.

36h seems to be a limiter too

American Classic hubs have shitty bearings, have fun overhauling every 3 months…

Zelah you know the answer to this. Profile. You want ballin hubs that look good and have a 42mm chainline, there you go.

Truly ballin’ bikes have silver hubs.

I’m going to have dura ace on polished aeros for dry weather so silver is covered. I was hoping to go all black with the rain wheels

How about Surly then? Black is only available in 32 though.

The newer Zipp hubs…end thread. These things are fucking gorgeous.

Those aren’t black, sir.

get formula hubs and replace the bearings with phils

I’ll probably end up with gran comps

arent gran compes basically formulas?

who knows

who is your custom builder?