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i’ve got a firestarter but thats quite a bit taller

lemme measure the current fork a-c and ill get back to ya. might work.

I’m looking for Fabric Scoop Shallow saddles. BUT not the matte rubbery ones that are easy to find on ebay. I really like the older shiny slippery version. Is anyone, uh, sitting on an old Fabric Scoop Shallow?

How much tire clearance? I think I have a hybrid steel fork

Looking for 2.0 width between the blades, planning to run 26" wheels. I did buy a used fork from elsewhere so this is not critical anymore, but I’d definitely be interested especially if you hybrid fork has a lot of offset.

Looking for an e thirteen 11 speed freehub body. I have a microspline body I can trade.

anyone have a 25.4 drop bar wider than 42cm?

I have these in the widest 46cm width but they’re 42cm at the levers Rene Herse Maes Parallel 25.4 Ø Handlebars – Rene Herse Cycles

I’ve got some 44 noodles hanging out.


I have a non dynamo disk wheel that can at least get you back on the road.

@FilingCabinetAtHome has it covered! Thank you though

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Anyone happen to have a spare i-spec ev nut?

Screenshot from 2023-09-11 17-13-37

Still want these but current wishlist is:

Rack strut for Velo orange rack. Rack struts in general? How do I know what will fit?

Looking for a 24" single speed kids bike

changed my mind

From what I can tell most rack struts are either 7 mm or 8 mm. I just had to buy some new ones for my rack. Salsa makes some super long 8 mm ones for $10 you can cut to size. Seems like Nitto uses 7 mm.

I’ve got some relatively short blacl ones (with a bend?) I could send for the cost of shipping.

What rack specifically is it for?

I’m in the market for a half frame bag if anyone has one collecting dust.

I have some salsa rack struts I think

It’s this rack