search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

i don’t have what you need but i love where this is headed

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I might have what you need but I might have given it to the coop.

I have Miche hubs to velocity fusion rims (silver both) if that’s enticing. Needs new bolts but otherwise fine


I can’t find anything and those are way cooler than anything I would have had.

Two matching 3 bolt cargo cages. Any brand is fine. Preferably metal.

Phil wood laced to box section carbon? CX Ray spokes too.
$300 + ship?


Looking for a Control Tech Timania or Deda Zero100 stem in dark metal finish, 100mm. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT

PRO PLT was also available in that polished pewter kinda finish, if you were not aware. When I had one in hand and also a Deda post, they didn’t quite match, though both were used parts so hard to say for sure, I think the post had a fair bit of sun exposure.

Ooh that’s a good shout, thanks! I’m ‘matching’ to a brushed Ti seatpost, so its never going to be a perfect match anyway. I do have dark metal Deda bars that would be nice to match to, but I might also just keep the black bars that are already there

Anyone holding some dt 420 hub stickers? They are out of stock and I can’t find mine.

You should probably just email Tim

I had some, do you need 1 or 2?

Anyone have 35mm internal boost wheels? 29er. HG freehub

Pinkbike usually does