search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

what flavor of clamp? i might have a sweepy 25.4 (very sweepy- like 60*) coming off a bike soon

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Mostly clamp-agnostic, but thinking more like 30 deg sweep. Thanks tho!

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What kind of AC are you looking for?
QR clamp?
I have a salsa cromoto grande with zits

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I had a Surly 1x1/Lowside on my 90s MTB.

Dammit I forgot half the details

Mostly lookin for a simple QR rim brake fork like I could pull off a shelf at a coop if I still lived by a coop. But I could be persuaded by some low rider mounts…

Current fork is 450 ATC, probably don’t want to go longer

Trying to turn my partner’s early-aughts stumpjumper into a gravel hybrid

Anyone have a nearly new/new 10 speed cassette in the 11-40/42/46 sizeway? Looking to mate it with a 32t chainring and a mid cage XT dangler (with or without a goatlink).

i might be your huckleberry. lemme check in a bit and holler at you

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eh- both of them are 11-36. if you want one it’s yours for a shipping label but it sounds like you’re looking for one gear lower

Thanks for looking, I have an 11-36 right now and wanted to bump that a little.

worth a shot. one came with the trainer ferg passed my way and one is gently used.

does anyone want these? i think we only own one 10s bike and it already has a 11-36. if we ever replaced the cassette we would be bumping up anyway…

If the fork is disc only and doesn’t work for @balooon I might be into it depending on a-c, looking for a non-corrected 29 fork

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Looks like 468AC

$100/shipped? Pretty sure it has a tarck sticker already applied.

I might have a SunRace 46 in the parts bin. It was on a MTB for a bit, so I’ll have to check the wear.

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wondering if anyone has the following they’d want to sell:

12x100 electrohub
12x142 shimanoway hub

a la carte or wired to a 650b tubless rim

I have a set of such wheels from my HG which are kicking around the garage here.

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Anyone have VO Granola bars or Soma Clarence bars, or something very similar? I have some O8 bars on my bike currently but they’re way narrow at 580mm

i literally just installed granola bars to replace an origin 8 bar ama

these ones?

I could be interested in those.

Those ones!

How are you liking the Granolas?

so far so good! tbh im not 100% sold that i like the added width but i think this is one of those cases where it’s different and i didn’t ride the old thing for a little bit and i have a different stem setup. they somehow feel a little less swept but when i hold ‘em next to each other it sure as shit looks the same but wider

i certainly have less worries about slipping them