search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

I thought you could get a dt350 in 130/qr way

Totally can, but it’s a bit out of the scope of this build…

Also ISO funky canti cable hanger before I blow $30 on some ebay onza chill pills that match my new frame perfectly

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Dew it


You’re horrible :heart:

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It’s the obvious right call

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how about a gravity dropper? that’s weird in a cool way right?

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I’ve got one of those Deore XTs


2nd dibs please

Oh fuck yea!

Tell me more.

This would be perfect for the frame I got from you.

Still on the hunt for some cantis before I order some tektros

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let me check the bin. might have some tektro or shimano

i have a set of cr720s

my new braks are in the mail, can i swap them out in a couple days and get back to you?

pm me your informatics

I’ve got a set of those too but the cable stop is too low for such wide calipers. Need narrow/medium

so low profile black like Suntour XC Pro Low Profile Cantilever Brake?

Yea, but fuck a smooth post :colbert:


Got any of them suntour xc danglers hanging around?

Yes but it’s in rough shape

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Anyone have a decent silver 10s Campy square taper crankset? Ideally to match the Record group I have. Chorus would work too. Or any silver campy crank that has rings that will work with 10s.