Seattle area tarck


Apparently its been around for a year in a second floor location but they just relocated a block away. The original second floor location must have been difficult for business.


Can’t wait til a dutchbike or ebike shows up and some underpaid 15yp shopbro lugs that shit up the stairs only to be told the repair is too expensive


Remember way back in 2013 when Capitol Hill didn’t have any bike shops for a short period?


Velo was significantly less of a bike shop than these cafés are


Velo was not good.


In 2008, I asked Velo for a 9sp chain and they said they could order one for me.


Like, they didn’t have a 9sp chain in stock. Any 9sp chain at all.


Same thing at Cascade Bicycle Studio. They’re proud of the fact that they don’t stock 8 and 9 speed chains, and happy to send that business down the block to Free Range. I asked what they would do if someone came in with a really sweet vintage road bike that needed a chain, and they just looked at me, puzzled.


Eh, they do their thing.

Seattle is niche as fuck with its bike shops. Overall it’s a good problem to have.


Apparently Polka Dot Jersey is moving to Mercer Island.


Properly cornering their segment. Will it be located on the loop?


No idea, can’t find an address posted.


Three shops have failed on Mercer Island in the past ~3 years. Either it’ll be a great captive market, or a total failure.


Is the one with all the old bikes by the ferry dock still there?


I don’t normally post links from reddit but when I do

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They’re about net neutrality

Please washingtonbros, call your representatives and ask for them to keep net neutrality.

All you have to do is:

  1. Be nice, thank the person that answered the phone
  2. Tell them that you are their constituent and you want them to keep net neutrality because freedom of the internet is important.


Me and some bro’s are gonna start doing Tuesday Climbing Gym stuff at SBP.
Sup Tarck? Anyone want in?


SBP was fun for one winter but I couldn’t deal with how much they charged for entry.


60$ a month for climbing, sauna, yoga, and a gym?


Yeah, $68 monthly fee is no bueno for my interest level.
Great place though, really enjoyed my experience and glad that so many people are willing to support them.


Cranksgiving is on Saturday starting at 11 at Swift. Fun day of choose your own adventure riding around town, picking up food for the Rainier Valley Food Bank. Like an alleycat, but the foodbank is the winner!