Seattle area tarck


I’m up for either but would prefer Saturday.


I will happily meet you guys later on Saturday evening, after 6.


I would also prefer Saturday. Could bring latkes for Hanukkah!


Kay Lets call it Saturday evening then!


What time for tomorrow?



If I show up at that back ally thing on my FS MTB will I feel like a doofus?


the winners are usually riding FS MTBs

some dirt jumpers have done well too


Where at 5:30? There’s pizza and beer, but at different places, right?


Holy Mountain, I assume.


Anyone around on Christmas day afternoon? Want to grab a beer and a bite at someplace that’s open?


I’m around. Should be able to put something together for tomorrow night or Christmas day. Text me.


Will do.
Bonus: you can help me install my new fenders!


Leaving for Seattle tomorrow, gonna be in town till the 2nd. None of y’all know me, but anyone wanna get a drink or something?!

Also, thanks for the recommendations on the last page. Will definitely be checking some of them out. Also hopefully gonna make it up to Bellingham for a day to ride with my buddies from Transition if anyone is up that way!


I’m down for hanging out. Though I’m warning you that I’m boring as hell.


I’m free Wednesday/Thursday/Friday


Also free to hang/ride.


Capitol Hill seems cool. But what’s up with this bike share mess…


It’s just a mess. A bunch of 20-something kids get a bunch of million dollars from investors to start bike shares. Apparently their plan is to flood the city with bikes and cross their fingers until the money runs out.


Bike share mess meet SOV mess


This seriously does appear to be their plan.