Seattle area tarck


There’s less vegan food than you’d think. It’s around, but wouldn’t classify it as everywhere. Araya’s Thai is vegan. Also Pizza π and dark bar. We should do a dark bar Meetup for pizzabeers. It’s the only good happy hour in Seattle atmo.


I’m not talking necessarily about 100% vegan restaurants, but it’s fair to say that, in basically every Seattle neighborhood, there are at least a few restaurants with multiple high quality vegan options.


Yeah, that’s mostly true. I guess I just expect a lot. About every place has options. But I think most aren’t really that great.


For architecture I’d definitely check out the library downtown.

Smith Tower has an observatory. It’s less annoying than the Space Needle.


Oh yeah. The library is pretty fun. Especially walking up to the top floor. Having worked in a library for a few years, I’m not sure how well it actually works. But the building is fun.


Peter Miller bookstore is a design/architecture speciality book store and worth a stop.


Anybody watching the sounders game tomorrow? Some early afternoon drinks at a bar someplace? I think it’s 1ish.


Seattle Holiday Tarckup?
This weekend?
No gifts, just a beer or two?
I could be convinced to come all the way north since I’m the only one on my end.
Someone suggest a spot up by you all OR Ill just say deep dish pizza and beer and Holy mountain.


I’m fine with pizza and holy mountain.


Pizza and Holy Mountain sounds fun. How about Saturday afternoon or Sunday?


I can do Saturday evening, or any time on Sunday. I am definitely down.


Saturday evening works best for me… like 4:00pm, or do you need later Josh?


Unless I can sneak out early (a distinct possibility) I won’t be out of work until 6, but I can meet you guys then.


5:30 meet up?
I can probably stay till 7 or 8.


Also, Saturday is the Shortest Day/Longest Night shindig at Back Alley.


Saturday afternoon is Ben Rainbow’s annual urban dh race:

Saturday evening is Point83’s annual Christmas Disaster


so maybe making it on sunday would work better.


Sunday would be good for me.

Also, y’all should come to my show Friday. TLG is on 10-ish.


Yo so can we make a call for either like Sunday at 1 or Saturday at like 530? I’m getting pushed on my end to do it Saturday, but want to get everyone that want to meet up there.

Seth you are Sunday only?
Fred could you drop by after the dh race and before you do .83?


Sunday would be better I think. Might be able to make Saturday.