Seattle area tarck



I think Back Alley had some Palmys last time I stopped by. Kinda meh about those after having issues with the barrel lock mechanism not working.
Josh’s rubber coated cheap aluminum lock looked pretty nice though.


Yeah, I’ve had this one for a year and it has been great. I paid $12 on eBay, but they’re all gone now and the only place I can find them is on Amazon for more than twice that price. I suspect a dedicated searcher could find it for less on Alibaba or the like.


Defiance down in Tacoma has them for $40-ish IIRC if you wanna pay too much while supporting a local business.


Pretty sure I’ve seen them at Counterbalance Cycles.


I was thinking back to ~2008 when I feel like there were a bunch of crappy aluminum locks out there that were like $15. Is it really only $35 name brand stuff anymore? Those ulac ones looked cool until I saw their promotional video. It’s like every stereotype of the worst kind of hipster sweet fixie kid rolled into one.

[edit] Looks like an older/knockoff version of the ulac is on ebay shipping from china for $15.


It seems to have disappeared
(edit, it’s back in pog non overmoulded form)

palmy’s ex JP are $20


(edit, it’s back in pog non overmoulded form)[/quote]

This is the seller I bought mine from a year ago.


Same seller is on Amazon, as well.


Who was going southbound on Westlake on a Day Ruiner at ~744am this morning? I saw you.


The annual WTF alleycat I help put on is happening again July 14th, and we need guys to help us run the stops! Kyle did it last year and begrudgingly had fun :wink:

Honestly, it’d be super rad to have a Tarck stop with some of the Seattle crew. We usually try and have 3-4 people per stop, and we have a pretty good afterparty (with a free beer for volunteers.)

Let me know if you want to help out!




Also in. But only if Marley promises that I won’t be forced to have as much fun as I had last year.


What would that look like? A no-ska rule?


Dude. In this era of social upheaval and political strife, there are some things that you should just NOT joke about.


In Seattle July 3-8, staying near Carkeek park. Tarckup?


Hell yeah. That’s close to me.

I propose Chuck’s on 85th for tarcking up, but open to suggestions.


I’m into it.


Also into Chuck’s.


I totally know Chuck’s, it’s around the corner from my friends’ old house.