Seattle area tarck


So terrifying. That’s a lovely road I’ve ridden solo several times.


Crazy. We ran into FOUR cougars in the same area last year.

Was it anyone we know?


Yes. It was SJ Brooks, one of the organizers of Friends on Bikes. You may have seen them present at Stoked Spike this year. Fucking awful.


Which presentation did they give?


The same week I presented- about Friends on Bijes. They presented with Molly Sugar.




Ouch, the press started out on the wrong foot by ignoring preferred pronouns but apparently they were receptive to emails. Should be updating shortly.


The primary concern from pearl-clutching internet posters is the well being of the cougar, as though it’s not a universal policy and basic common sense to kill animals that have learned to hunt humans


Anybody know someone missing a white Ridley? Looked like a Damocles. Size L or XL. Second tent from the right in the picture. Under the Ballard Bridge.

edit: I just noticed it driving by, but it looked like this color scheme.


Hey Seattle I’m in town next Weds-Sat. Have some time to meet up and see how Seattle’s changed since I was last there, which was for an hour at the downtown Greyhound (train?) station in 2003. Gee whiz, I’m hoping nothing’s gotten more sterile and expensive since then!

PM me if you want to hang out


my office is across the street from where the Greyhound station used to be

it’s being replaced by a giant hotel


What’s the best route to Bellingham from Seattle? Road & gravel mixed would be cool, but not necessary.


ugh. just catching up on this story. Was in Boston last week for sup’s ArtDoktorGraduation and found out - SJ was a colleague of sups @ BU and worked at Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge


I highly recommend taking Whidbey Island. Here’s a doodle of all the secret shortcuts, the western half of the loop is best northbound:

After Coupeville you pretty much have to stay on the highway till Deception Pass, then take Rosario Road (there’s more singletrack at Cranberry Lake). Be careful of flats on the bike trail bridge out of Anacortes, birds drop shells on it to smash them open. Also you can get off of Chuckanut Drive early and onto their rad rolling dirt Interurban Trail, avoiding weird turning traffic.

Here’s my route to get to the ferry, showing the optional singletrack descent to Mukilteo:


disagree that you have to stay on the highway north of coupeville:

Madrone>Libby>NW Beach Road>Crosby>Ault Field adds a few miles, but worth it especially because you bypass Oak Harbor entirely. then you only have to ride on SR20 for a few miles through the lowlands. I did this route twice with my dad and with my wife on a tandem.


this is how I would do it in two days (details not checked)


oh yeah just realized I normally ride Penn Cove Rd, and Madrona if I’m not coming from Fort Ebey

you still have to ride the most Navy Bratted part of the highway either way


u the real heros


holy fucking shit.

I just read this article 20 minutes ago and the name seemed familiar, checked with Molly’s partner, and sure enough it’s the same person, came to this thread immediately.

This is fucked.


What shop has those cheap aluminum u-locks? I’m tired of carrying my kryptonite around for locking up outside coffee shops where I can see my bike.