Shimano 105 5600

Have we any experience with this group? Looks pretty awesome. The shifter works for doubles and triples, has Shimano addressed whatever that problem was with the older ones?

5500 worked for doubles and triples as well.

Yeah, and I think there was some problem with them consistently shitting the bed, right?

The term “works” should be applied loosely. There’s a reason Shimano has gone back to making separate double and triple 105 brifters for 2010.

is the shifter cable still external?

Seems like people had problems with the left shifter shitting on them with 5600.

5600 is a fine group, if a little heavy and plastic-y. It’ll shift just great. However, do NOT use one of the older 5600 levers which Shimano advertised as “double/triple compatible” with a triple crank. Shimano was wrong and has spent the past two years fixing their mistake. It’s not an official recall, but as SuperVillain points out, there’s a reason why they went back to separate shifters.

but in shimano’s product cycle, won’t these have hidden cables next year, and these ones’ll get discounted everywhere?

Oh yeah, I’m sure that’s in the works for 105, but who knows when. They may not release it immediately, since 105 doesn’t necessarily follow Ultegra the way that Ultegra follows Dura Ace.

Yeah, I have an image in my head of all black 5700 shifters with internal routing. is nize.

hmmm… I’m wondering what I had then.

My setup was full 105 triple (9sp) and I then swapped the cranks to an FSA double. Everything worked fine for prolly… 7 years. That means race wear and tear too. It worked like it had a trim.

I should clarify tho that now that I have Sram Red, the red shifts a million times faster than my 105 did but I always suspected that that was just because I had it “dialed in” poorly and was too lazy to fix it. So maybe they do suck?

Also guys, 7900 and 6700 are complete shit. They suck. I hate them. I can’t imagine that 5700 is going to be any better. Stick with your 7800, Carl.

but i love the plasticky feel.

Yeah, seriously.

That you were even fathoming replacing one-generation old Dura Ace with modern 105 blows my mind.

Incidentally, next year, there will be almost no Pro Tour teams on 7900. Every Shimano team will be on DI2, and teams that have to buy their shit will pay extra for DI2, because 7900 is such garbage.

[quote=bonechilling]That you were even fathoming replacing one-generation old Dura Ace with modern 105 blows my mind.


For different bikes. I am going to a 110 bcd crankset, however.

I think Ultegra peaked in it’s 9 speed phase, except the cranks. Those were dogshit.

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I’ve a mix of 6500 and 6600 (cranks). Feels good.