Shimano Alfine wheel for 250USD - can nothing possiblie be wrong?

Or am I seeing this wrong? They all say the hub is the SG-S500

And this one just confuses me. I see “8 gang” but what hub is that? Is it an Alfine? The model # is very close to this

Don’t be afraid, stuff like this goes for cheap all the time over here.

that’s not so far off the price ae bike had the alfine/ELVS dyad rear wheel for.

the Mavic A119 is pretty low end… soft aluminum I think? they sell for $25 here.

Damn, I see. Wish they sold Open Pro/Alfine wheels.

How’s the Mavic A319? And what’s up with the fourth eBay link?

the fourth says “Sport - Nabendynamo 6V/3W” so that’s the front dynohub wheel.

the difference between the A119 and the A319, I think, is single eyelet vs double eyelet.

I’d get the cheaper ones and rebuild with nicer rims later on when they go.

Not a bad idea, but if I tour with it the first time I’d be a little worried. Plus getting wheels laced in France costs an ass and a leg.

What’s that rim in the 3rd link? Shimano H-RAD? What kind of rim is that? I’ll be running 28-35 tires.

wassup francy pants?

Just francing around. Bringing the bike to Croatia at the end of September. Gonna try out the Alfine hopefully.

Would it be possible to fit one of these wheels in the track ends of a Kilo TT?

the spelling could possibly be wrong.


Or your incomplete knowledge of the Simpsons.

For the last time, people, stop assuming I’m French. D’accord?





erm aren’t these 130mm? i think the only hubs that are 120 are 3 speed.



edit: but the Nexus, not the Alfine

How stupid would it be to get one of these Shimano wheels for touring? Odd spoke lengths? I can’t find anything about them and Shimano’s link to the technical pdf is broken.

The price isn’t much more than the Mavic/Alfine wheel and I’m kind of assuming that the Shimano rim is a better one, though I’m not sure why they made it a 24 spoked wheel. And why does the hub look so different compared to the Alfine sold separately?

Anyway, I know nothing about modern hubs and how they’re laced. Tell me if this would be a stupid way to go for a wheel that needs to be reliable and easily repairable.

I’d go with the one built with the Mavic A119. A touring specific rim, in 36 hole, made with the same aluminium as Open Sport etc (just weighs 50g more - probably cos it’s a bit wider). Comes standard on bikes like Cannondale’s Touring 1 and Touring 2, as well as Bruce Gordon’s production touring bike. It has a strong triple hollow design. Sounds to me like it’s the rim you’re after.

And if you really hate it (for some reason), the ERD is within 1mm of Open Pro or A317 rims so you could relace it. Not that there’s any negative reviews on the net for the A119 or anything.