Shoes for use with my toe clips.

I got sambas, that I ride with my gr9/MKS doubles right now, they really aren’t that comfortable when I am walking around an stuff. Can any of you all recommend or tell me what other shoes you use? Thanks, Evan.

Sambas are uncomfortable? I don;t know what to say to that. :colbert:

i just got some pedals/toe clips with leather on the end of the toe clip, where your toes go. they seem to be more comfortable.

but i ride with samba’s w/ all my bikes, with all shapes/sizes of clips. i think it depends on teh shape of the toe clip

samba’s>vans and chucks

What size you wear? Sell me your Sambas if you’re a 10.5.

I meant like when I am off my bike(which I guess means his is OP sort of) samba are sort of just like nonsupporting and I was wondering about like geting something like some new balances but don’t want to get something that won’t work with the clips and straps.


why wouldn’t a given shoe work with clips n’ straps? i’m lost.

i wear the fake slip on vans from walmart.
in white, of course.

I used to love sambas, then after years of rocking back and forth on my feet while working in a kitchen, my feet got strangely wide. Sambas suck now. They don’t form to my foot anymore and the arch support area is to far towards the toes of my foot. I just bought some waterproof merrells so I can stop wearing my boots all the time. They’re comfy and keep my feet warm right now in the slosh.

why wouldn’t a given shoe work with clips n’ straps? i’m lost.[/quote]

too wide, knobby maybe, I don’t know. Just looking for some imput on some new shoes that may help me get some heel support etc. and still be friendly with the clips.

macbeths, i don’t know the model name though

these will be my next pair of shoes.

If you’re looking for arch support AVOID MACBETHS. they’re the only shoes with less arch support than Vans or Chucks.

Everyone should get Lotek Nightwolfs in gold, cuz they’re mad tarck.

thanks for the tip kowloon.

Get nike dunks…

my brother rides in puma speedcats

do not get speedcats, the sole is FAR too flimsy and will not fare well with any kind of pedals for rides longer than 20 miles. I got a cheap pair of these and i love the way they look but hate how they ride.

low top chucks

I just ride in vans authentics or the 5 dollar walmart ripoffs. If sambas are too flat to walk in then just get some inserts for them. Most of the casual shoes that work well with clips and straps just aren’t going to be super comfortable to walk around in all day unless you’re used to no support.