Short, shameful confession

I’ve owned a Softride beam bike and two recumbents.

tc: kind of want a softride beam for boingy road rides

TC: I still have a spoke card on my fixed gear biek.

TC I have a spoke card from a commute challenge in on my commutecheck. I also own 2 pairs of wool knickers.

member for 5 years. posted 7 times.

also my username. someone change it.

I also like Crank Bros Candy pedals and Shimano CX77 dick brakes.

I don’t actually like heavymetal.

Also, I like Crank Bros pedals.

I’m a tire hoarder. Can’t swing a cat without hitting a pile of them.

I prefer Sram.

i only use razor scooters
as in the name brand

I sold my soul to bike share and I’d do it again.

I sometimes forget to use carbon specific pads on my crabon wheels.

i purchased a PiNP pocket tee and wear it all the time.

I wear Soap shoes but never grind.

Well, we have two threads for a bunch of other stuff so…



Some of my chamois’s have doo doo stains.