Should I just get an Endpoint?

I have been tooling around on Frank’s old Rawland Nordavinden which is nice and all but I need a bit more since moving to Vermont.

This is my first time consistently riding up actual hills (oof) on actual dirt roads (fun!) and I really need dick brak and good clearance. I’m thinking I’ll want to get into the bike packing and all that jazz too.

What should I get that’s reasonably priced (1500 all told?), room for goodies, dick brak, etc? I could take stuff from the Rawland initially and upgrade as I go. Any suggestions

I’ve been kinda in and out of bikes in the last few years so I am not up on everything yet.


The coffee grinder is a really nice bike. You should get one.

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You should absolutely get one.

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You could see if moto still has most of this build.
May need fork and wheels, but probably still better deal than most other bikes for about $1500.

Still got it. Would suck to sell, but hospital bills suck ass.

Yes. I can’t speak to thrCGbut the Gunther/ditherer is :100:. Do ittttttttt

I love my CG and you should get one. Or a Gunther/ditherer.

I haven’t tried the CG with 650b wheels, since I’m trying to resist the urge to turn all of my bikes into the same bike.


As another Endpoint owner, I can highly recommend the H/G.

As a dude who’s ridden all over VT a weak-braked Rawland, I’d get an Endpoint.
My Rawland rSogn is 90% of the way to being my ideal adventure bike. The light tubes, plethora of braze-ons, huge clearances, and front rack are wonderful. The rim brakes are trash.
My smart friends have amazing custom disc frames that are similar; based around 650x48 tires and some front-loading. The H/G and CG frames seem the best way to get there for under 1500.
If that’s out of the budget, you could look at the Kona Rove, Surly Midnight Special, or Salsa things.

I mean, help bacon out. Keep an endpoint in the tarck family.
Otherwise the new cannondale looks pretty good, too. 700x40, hydro discs at 1650


Admit to being Coffee Grinder curious tho :slight_smile:

CG is the best mostly road bike you can get in my unqualified opinion.

Yeah, I’d rather have the mid range 105 bike than the Force 1X that costs more!

I don’t know wtf sram is doing with their oem pricing.


500 shipped for the frame.
500 shipped for a force 22 kit
I’ll throw in a cambium, a stem, a nice aluminum bar. I’ll even throw in a some nice road tires! And maybe a post.

Health insurance covered a lot, but still need these gone. It sucks. I’m sad, but trying to keep debt at a minimum and I have more pricey tests coming up.

I have my CG set up 650b, and I doubt it’s going back to 700c. Super fun, zero toe-verlap.

Yo get on that @motorbacon deal, keep it in the family and help a tracker out <3

I need to double-check the geometry, but what are the fork options right now for the CG that would fit a 650x47?

def the H/G fork or maybe also the niner RDO gravel?

Niner rdo was on competitive cyclist for $250 not too long ago.