Should I Purchase This Item?



Does anyone make a 29er one of those


There are plenty of 29er pseudo-BMX bikes around, yeah. Not from Bontrager, though.


wheelie kid bike shartmo


Oooh, yes. The 24" wheels were a revelation for me as a kid–the kid fatbike of the time.


I can’t in good faith tell you not to buy that.

Side Jordan fun fact. You autocorrects to y’all sometimes. I’m a hillbilly now I guess.


That’s just your phone tellin’ y’all how to talk right.


I decided not to buy it. Even for $150, I don’t think I’d find enough use to justify it and I’d rather use the money for something else.


Should I buy one of these two frames to replace the Schwinn tempo i’ve got that I don’t much care for?



I always thought those Gios Compact frames were cool.


The gios is cheaper and in better condition. That Laing has vintage style and is slx. Tough call.


I looked at the Colin Laing before I purchased carpet fiddle frame


I’m kinda in love with the green Gios just cause I love those Compacts and that color is sos weet, but it probably has italian threading and the DS BB cup has stripped out tool splines.

The Laing is cool as hell, but I already have two bikes without DT decals…

Decisions, decisions


Looked at that Gios listing and it looks like crap.
Powdercoat with decals?stuck BB? eff that, dude.


I lusted after a compact pro for so long. Then I finally got one and it ends up being a little too big. Now it’s sitting under my bed.

Get the gios. It’s so hot.


Should I buy that Woodrup?




Should I purchase this Park DAG2.2?

I sort of dislike just going to a shop and paying them five dollars, but maybe spending a decibong is stupid


do you have a 10x1 (or whatever dangler hangler is) axle wheel? cos you screw that into the dangler hangler and use that wheel to tweak it until the 10x1 adjuster wheel is parallel to the wheel in the bike (measure from rim to rim with ruler for moar science)


I can’t imagine paying $100 for that tool. Just get a cheap knockoff from eBay.