Should I Purchase This Item?


why does the tarck slush fund exist if not to provide interest free loans for aerospokes?


OK so I’m selling a bunch of stuff, trying to pare down my collection and get some monies. Buuuut…not totally opposed to picking up a good value modern road frame.

What do you know about Guru? Looks like made-in-Canada boutique goodness?


They were hit and miss IIRC
There was at least one spiteful zillion dollar eBay listing for a broken-at-delivery frame.

I think they were sold out of their own storefronts as custom bikes


Also why would you buy a bike today that doesn’t have disc brakes


Because I have a century grey Campy grouppo to put on something. Also it is dry where I live.

Mosty daydreaming. Like I said I’m trying to sell, not buy.


It aint my thread to rant but I will anyway.

I think I hit that point with disc brakes the same way I did with outboard bottom brackets. Once like 2 of my bikes had them I just decided they all should. Pretty much overnight I went from no disc brakes to hydro everything. And I’m happy to replace the rest of my stable with hydro discs. It’s a better life.


i know i shouldnt but i really want to.




As long as you put disc tabs on it and paint it black, Hell Yeah!


Allegedly those things are made from pretty stout tubing, even for a Riv. Would the plan be to use it for stump-pulling?


lol there would be no plan. a purely emotional response to a thing i’ve always wanted for some reasons that dont entirely make any sense

i just always wanted a hunqapillar and its in my size and relatively low price

how stout are we talking? like surly stout? more?


I think more. 10/7/10, maybe? It’s never gonna plane, that’s for sure.


oof. well i dont normally really think too hard about stuff like that. i’m not sure if i’ve ever had a bike that planes. or if i know what it would really feel like. but that seems a bit much.

oh well. not gonna do it. wouldnt be prudent.


I didn’t realize they made steel ones. A shop I have frequented used to be into them, and I recall seeing a bunch of their busted carbon frames at one point. My sample size is small but that’s the only time I’ve seen a heap of same-branded carbon frames.


Yeah my roommate years ago had one, broke it had it repaired at guru, then it broke again in the same place and they wouldn’t repair/replace it again.


1500 for that hunq? No

Man am i jealous of whoever picked up the CG with @ergott wheels for 1780


I had a carbon Guru that cracked, got repaired or maybe replaced, started cracking again almost immediately, but I was away from the bike for a year, so I never did anything about the second cracks. Then the company went under.
$3k for a custom carbon frame is fucking sweet if the company understands how to work with carbon fiber, which they did not.


wow that dude was strange


Lol. Yup.



Moots YBB mtb for flipping? Priced too low, $350. Looks like the frames sell for $800-1000?