Should I purchase this mid 90's, tig welded Battaglin?

I have a chance to buy a tig welded Battaglin from the mid 90’s. It’s the frame, not the original fork(Tange) which I’ll be replacing, chorus bottom bracket and headset, mutant stem and a Thomson seat post for 150.00. It’s Columbus SL.

I was going to buy it today but wanted to run it past you guys. I think it’s a pretty killer deal.

It has a custom(ugly) paint job done by Bikedelic, who does some awesome work. This frame doesn’t exemplify that. I’ll most likely have it stripped.

I don’t have a road bike right now and I have an Ultegra/Open Pro wheelset just laying around.

Is it a no brainer?


or you should just sell me that wheelset :slight_smile:

do it.


You can get that wheelset brand new for like $215.

I got it! Pictures to come.

This is a stupid thread. I can’t believe you were mildly questioning this. At that I can’t wait to see

Here it is. It doesn’t have a chorus headset…a cheap cane creek headset instead. Some of the decals are peeling off so they might have to come off entirely. I’m happy.

that isn’t ugly. for awhile there was a black with green splatter on the Indy Craigslist, fully built up with tri color 600. $400, but I had no money then. I hope to find it again in the future

And while I’m at it, I’m looking for campy parts to build it up with and also a nice fork. Let me know what you have kicking around!

^^^ the black, yellow and red doesn’t do it for me. I think I’ll prefer just black and yellow.

That paint is actually pretty bitchin.

yes. there is no shame in that paint’s game.

That’s a pretty bike

It’s growing on me already. I’m going to take off what’s already peeling and leave it be.

looks ok but if that had a non-unicrown fork it would be better

das big.

is that a bent fork?

Like the paint. If the fork you have is crap, replace it with crabon. A nice steel fork will cost more than you paid for the frame.

I need to find a good deal on a bitchen road bike

It’s only a 62cm. Yeah, huge to some, but it fits me perfectly. The head tube is massive and works perfectly with my body. I was thinking about a carbon fiber fork but am not too excited about the idea…I really want to go with steel!

I really want to build it up with campy. I’ve never had a campy outfitted bike and would like to try it. I’m off to a bad start with the Open Pro/Ultegra wheel set but I’m going to re-space the cassette to make it work.

Anyone have some campy layin around?

I have the wheelset, bars, saddle, cassette and everything pictured together and it’s super light. Can’t wait to have it done.