So, my teammate nearly died on saturday (video)


I was getting ready for the p12 race when this happened. they didn’t/couldn’t/couldn’t open up the whole road for the finish. fucking hell.

jfc i hope hes ok and not too traumatized

Physically, he’s okay. Just cuts and road rash. We only talked about it briefly for the rest of the weekend, but he’s definitely shook up. We drank a LOT of alcohol that night.

Holy shit balls. That is scary. pic of bike below was extra frightening after seeing the video.

Saw this on reddit. Absolutely insane, the guy holding on at the end and his bike on the ground 30 feet below.

For reference:

Rider holding on:


If you don’t like watching crash videos or otherwise gory things, should this clip be avoided?

I was supposed to be in this same race, glad I missed it now x_x Really glad your teammate didn’t go over, crabbi! Good instincts on his part. Maybe the finish shouldn’t be on half of the road over a bridge next time.

[quote=Wintage Townie]If you don’t like watching crash videos or otherwise gory things, should this clip be avoided?[/quote]probably, yeah.

nobody cares
good night

It’s fine. No blood, no obvious broken bones or limbs bent odd directions, nothing like that. Just a basic crash video where guys go down or OTB. No gore at all.

It’s remarkable because it shows the guy going kind of otb but sideways and rolling over the barrier on the side of the road…and hanging on so he doesn’t drop off the bridge to the dry creek bed below!

that’s my teammate

Scary shit.

I saw a bunch of CA friends talking about this on FB, earlier. Crazy that they still had the yellow line in effect at the end of such a big race, on a bridge, no less. Seems like better course design is in order…

Hope your teammate recovers quickly. Send him our best

Props to hang-on guy. That was an impressive move. Otherwise, just a run of the mill sprinting pileup. He was just unlucky that he nearly went over the railing. Another guy flew way up in the air and landed on his shoulder. Pretty sure that’s a broken collarbone so railing guy was probably the lucky one here after all. Perhaps the finish shouldn’t have been after a road section with a large drop on the side tho. Riders go flying all the damn time.

I was chatting with someone who was there, and he said one of the other guys in the crash didn’t get up for about 45 minutes and went away in an ambulance D:

My exact words.


I love how he is just kinda lookin down at the other guy like a spectator

LOL. Needs a text bubble along the lines of “Interesting crash here. Now where’s my beer?”

Yeah it looked pretty horrible in the video. If this is the guy that endoed over another bike, I’d not be surprised if he broke some some ribs or other stuff in addition to his collarbone. Heal up, dude.

that guy (328) ended up with 2 broken ribs and a punctured lung.