so this girl...

that i’m talkin to is being hella stupid.

any one got some photos of awesome looking girl bikes with fenders and baskets (and brakes)


that bikes hot.
shes too stuck on the party foul trend to think that bike is cool tho

basically, she asked me how she could make her masi fixed gear more girly.
i told her to get a basket.
and she said thats stupid.
and i said how a basket/non-drops/and fenders are awesome

if this bike had a basket, it would be perfect to explain my point


Both those bikes make your point, even without a basket.

fenders are pointless if you aren’t going to ride in the rain. is this girl ever going to ride in the rain?

Also, my wife said no basket too, which is how she ended up with this:

so my answer to her original question is to install a giant ding dong bell.


holy fuck yes


holy fuck yes[/quote]

needs non-drops.

stache bars would suit well

drops fine

happyroboto esque hoods not fine

Man you guys are too classy. Sounds like she wants some Japanese tarck.

i don’t mean 2 b genderist but girls can’t mash

[quote=Classic Stever]drops fine

happyroboto esque hoods not fine[/quote]

drops and mixte never make sense to me.

drops and mixte make perfect sense to me. Saw an old lady riding one of them fuckers in headwind today. Inspiring. front basket had her purse in it, long trenchcoat. just cause you want a stepthrough frame that looks classy (she was serious about her look) doesn’t mean you want to open your body like a parachute and sacrifice performance.

Its more of, MOST of the mixte frames I have seen aren’t built for speed, they are built for comfort. The kind of comfort where you ride with a bottle of wine and a baguette in your basket.

Also if we are going talk about serious looks, mixte and drops just don’t do it for me.

Bold: serious about old lady performance.

girls: require “girly” bikes

Hello Kitty decals on violet disc wheels and purple-anodized circa 1988 Scott/LeMond clip-on time trial bars? (with the frilly plastic coming out of the drop bar ends, of course)

On a serious note, the first four replies look pretty snazzy.

The first few are nice… but only to a person who’s really into bikes.

a Bell is numero uno.
Top tube pad? (duals on a Mixte would get the lols :smiley: )
Stickers could work… depending on what she’s into. If she’s a “girly girl” she’ll know what she wants. If she isn’t… then why does she want a girly bike?
frilly colored chain stay sticker that says, “I like fixed guys”
Pink, Purple, or baby blue rims.

girl bein’ too hella stoopid to want basket? put it in the butt and walk away. what a biek gotta do with it?