Soma Grand Randonneur Frame+Extras (58cm)

I don’t have pictures yet but I just broke down my Grando to pursue other projects.

58cm, version 2(3?) It’s the red and white one with the french bend on the fork.

You get:

Needle headset
Canti brakes (tektro something-or-other)
Berthoud 650x50mm chrome fenders
Nitto M-12 rack

The paint is far from perfect but there are no dents. There is a small chainsuck scar. This thing has been on many camping trips and has seen thousands of miles and the paint shows it. The fenders have their fair share of dings, but are far from trashed.

It rides quite nice, it clears byways if you’re not running fenders, and it’s ridiculously low trail.

If there’s actually any interest on here I’ll get some more pics, and I really don’t know what to price this at. I’d ship it bikeflights from Denver, CO and you’d pay actual shipping.

I figure a fair tarckprice for this stuff’d be like $350+ship? I’d ask more on craigslist.

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I have a friend looking for one. In Germany, but will let him know and send a DM if interested

Yeah, if he’s interested in paying what I imagine to be steep shipping charges, I’ll get it cleaned up and take some real pics.

V.2 won’t clear fenders with byways?

Not sure, haven’t actually tried.

Ohhh okay. Just wondering, My V.1 has byways and fenders, little bit of a squeeze but seems fine.

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Bumping this because it’s been sitting on a peg in my garage for a year.