Sopo bike co-op alleycat- Atlanta

Hey anyone going to this?

Its basically a two-person alleycat to support the bike co-op in Atlanta. My gf and I will be heading down for the weekend and it’d be pretty sweet to meet up with some tarckers or at least having some of the natives give us suggestions of stuff to do during the down time. This is the email I got about it:

In East Atlanta, there is a place called Sopo. It’s a community bike shop. Basically they collect donor parts, frames, etc, and provide a place where people can build their own bike, learn how to properly maintain and repair their bikes, and provide a forum for general bicycle awareness and community. It’s basically free. They ask for a donation, but if you can’t afford it, it’s not a big deal. They take services on trade, or whatever. It’s very community oriented.

That being said, on March 6, Sopo is having their annual Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts weekend. It will include Friday night parties and bands at bars in East ATL, and Saturday there is a costume alleycat race, with after parties. it should be a really good time. The bike scene in ATL is great, people are totally cool, and there are a TON of hipsters for you guys to trade fashion tips with.

I’m gonna head down there for it, and I am testing the waters to see if any of you would want to tag along.

Broken Hearts is always an awesome race. I helped start Sopo and worked there for several years with EuroJosh. I even go to plan the route for the second and third races. When we started, Broken hearts was basically our only fundraiser. We would raise enough money from that one race to keep the shop open for almost the whole year without any grants or loans. The partner thing started last year after I moved to Thailand and people said they had an awesome time. I think there were over 150 people racing last year.

When you get down there, tell Rachael and Jay that Kyle says hi. They are good friends who have pretty much run the shop since the beginning. Maybe you’ll even meet EuroJosh and SkipBrakes.

The wife and I are doing the race, not sure I’m going to the party Friday night but if there’s tarckers there I may change my mind.

Broken Hearts fun fact: This is the race that gets Lexus’s puked on.

I’ll be there and most likely at the party Friday. I’m really glad this money is going to such a great cause. We’ve got a bike coop in Memphis, btu none in Nashville and it is sorely needed. Haha, also I hope the Lexus tradition continues even if I have to projectile vomit on one myself.

holy crap I had totally forgotten about that. One of the best things to ever come out of SSFG

start a coop in nashville, girl

Best alleycat story ever

Hey, I normally just lurk… But Yeah this is a fun ass alleycat. I’ll be there…


A girl actually tried to start a co-op here a while back but it failed miserably because the paperwork is a bitch. I’ve seriously considered using my year or two off after graduating to start one here, but it just seems like a really crappy time to start any sort of business.
A.D., if you see a black girl on a red Bianchi or green Kilo, come say sup?

You got it! I would tell you to look for me, but it would be pointless… White dude,tattoos,glasses,bad haircut… Oh wait thats everyone there!! ha ha


That sounds like me, but with a mustache. Actually my wife and I are going to be rocking orange and black skinsuits. Don’t be shy to say “sup euro”.

Oh I planned on it EJ, and making it as awkward as humanly possible. That reminds me that I need to figure out a costume idea. hmm

So Atltanta…ns? (I don’t know what you call yourself), I’m probably going to change my gearing for riding in Atlanta but I don’t know much about the terrain. I’ll be staying in East Atlanta which I’m pretty sure is near the race starting point and the co-op. My host said I should be able to ride just about anywhere. Anywho, I think I’m taking the fixed bike and right now its set at 42x17 for Nashville (I think most people run 48 or 46 x 17 but I really hate hills). How many gear inches do you guys in town run?

I always ran 50x17 or 19. There’s not anywhere thats completely flat, but most of the hills aren’t killers. And there’s very few that are longer than half a mile. East Atlanta has some tough ones though. Especially if you want to stay off Moreland, which most people do.

Who are you staying with?

thanks I’ll give 48x17 a whirl. I’m couchsurfing with the gf. We’re staying with a girl named Dawn. Apparently a biker with a keirin bike; I predict that I’ll be drooling over it all weekend.

Hmm. The only Dawn I know doesn’t have a keirin frame, but there are lots of new people since I left. Don’t kill yourself with the gear. I was doing 50x17 when I was in good shape. Now, I’d probably have a 19t on. 46 might be more fun. Or just get a 16t cog and do 42x16. Aren’t cogs still cheaper than chain rings?

Yea I read that with the realization that you’re a badass and I won’t be pushing 50x17. I’ve just got a 48 chainring and 18t cog sitting around; I was trying to prevent buying anything new before the trip but meh. What are some good shops to check out? I’m going to No Brakes; I dunno how folks from Atlanta feel about them, but I had them send me a hat and they were super nice and helpful so I’d like to give the shop a look around.
edit: the road bike is always an option too but I’d rather play polo on the fixed

The guys at No Brakes, Skip, John and Justin, are generally very cool. I’ve been good friends with them for years. You should go see Josh at Peachtree bikes. I’ll be a bit of a ride, but worth it. You get to ride through downtown and into Buckhead on Peachtree St. Then you get to drool over very expensive bikes. Outback bikes is in Little 5 Points, pretty close to No Brakes. It looks like a pretty hip shop, but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had a pretty bad experience there. Most people use it because it’s convenient. If you’re around on sunday morning, you should ride over to Octane coffee shop. Nothing too special, just a cool place to chill and a good ride. I used to hang out there on sunday mornings before work and then haul ass across town 12 miles to work by noon.

You should be on the lookout for some other people: Lynn, Olaava, Jo, and Connie. Some very awesome people. Lynn and Olaava are two of the tallest women you’ll ever see. They’re both over 6’1’’. I lived with them for a while and they were the best roommates I’ve ever had. Josh will point them out if they’re around.

Dawn of gold bike cruiserdom now has a keirin frame, silver remmington. Dia compe clamp on front brake, aerospoke front, grancompe rear hub laced to elvs deep v…etc…oh and she is running it all left side drive as of last time I heard.