Souplesse Casings and Bike Soup - The Tire Thread

Gorilla tape is not for TCS rims

I got a flat in my baby shoe pass extra supples. Like I said I probably would. Because I’m not allowed to have nice things.

It sealed up with fresh sealant though after some fussing. Hasn’t been an issue since.

Next time you need to add sealant (or if it starts leaking) just clean it out and patch the casing.

SOP at Outpost is to just pull/clean/patch and tire that has issues sealing to the point of needing a tube or other fussing.

It’s reliable after that? I’m always a bit sketch that patch won’t survive the wet, internal environment.

anyone have a straight forward, recommended tutorial for going tubeless for the first time?

Been meaning to. There are a few tricks to know about and their use depends on the challenge being faced.

I also want to do a tire mounting video/post

turp and i were talking about doing instruction videos under a tarck banner. id happily lead the charge, wish you and i were closer though

I have camera gear and wheels a plenty to demonstrate. I’m always mounting tires so just have to slow down and set up before I start.

I’ll take stage direction for anyone

Once this stuff settles down, you, turp, and i (and anyone else who wants to join in) should have a side convo about a strategy. I really just want to make the knowledge here more accessible.

Gorilla tape sucks for tubeless, and people should stop using it. Yes, it will usually work in initial setup, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull some nastyass tape out of someone’s rim, and then painstakingly remove a ton of residue. When 3M strapping tape so insanely cheap and easy to use, why not just get a roll or two and be done for the rest of your life?

I’ve been riding 38mm Compass Barlow Pass tires on Iron Cross wheels. Haven’t been on tubulars since last D2R2 but after tearing up my sidewalls I want back to these. Amazing ride and I feel they handle much better at high speed. Could be the thin spoke box rim combo?

I need to finish the forum setup. Then the blog will come.

Is it just me or does everyone want to lick FMBs?

And no, blue box on the right, my reply does not improve the conversation in any way.

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Some Euro suppliers have very attractive pricing on PR Pro’s but I can’t find 32’s outside of World Class Cycles.

Use new tyres, it’ll make your life a lot easier.

link to what to buy?

how is this not in the spreadsheet?

Anyone have any reviews or experiences with the new Thunder Butts Addix - SnakeSkin in 650b 2.1? I’ve run the TB Evo SnakeSkin and they’ve been fine.

Haven’t ridden them but I would hypothesize that the biggest difference is the addition of the “addix” graphic.

Can verify are super badass. Gets the highest marks. Have them on my Wolverine and Moira on hers. You won’t be disappointed.

Two reviews on the online shopping megamart seem to say that the addix carcass are not straight :woman_shrugging: or maybe isolated incident…