I’d like to try and make it over for this. Not to race, of course, but maybe to get sloshed while maybe wearing nothing but a diaper and t shirt?

Anyway, sounds fun

I’m not calling it just yet, but chances are I won’t be able to race anymore thanks to my shoulder, so if anyone or their sups are interested in buying my ticket/borrowing my SS, let me know.

I’m gonna be in town for something else from the 5-7 if anyone wants to high five.

I’m also gonna be in town on the 5-6. Lunch if you can derek?

I’ll be at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion again. 5th might be more likely than the 6th, if we’re thinking lunch. I’ll keep you updated

Yeah, or drinks. I’ll be leaving work at 4, so I should just about be at the interstate bridge by 5.

monday the 5? happy hour?

Sure, anyplace in vancouver (the grocery?) It’s gonna be easy for derek to get to vanco and back to JB, and I’m not getting off the freeway until i get over that bridge. Unless he’s dead set on staying at the red lion, then at least I can bring a stack of business cards and do some schmoozing.

I’m landing Thursday afternoon and staying by ohsu. Let’s do things.

Coming in Friday morning. Agreed.

Is anyone from Seattle driving down there?

I was considering it, but having just done that drive I am way less into it.

wheres the tarckup

If you wanna drink cocktails/spirits I’ll be leading a small shitty tour at House Spirits Distillery, 65 SE Washington ST Thursday 430pm

I’m in town. By river city bikes but staying near ohsu. Anyone getting into anything tonight?

Idk I’m at the distillery. It’s close to rcb

Going to packet pickup at 5 and pub crawl. Anybody else going on that?

i hear the course is a little wet

Umm… So Sven Nys is there?


Never forget