Stolen Bike Listing

Stolen bikes often wind up in different cities so maybe this might help someone. When posting a bike include as much information as possible including a contact email for the person.

So far this week in DC:

  1. Blue Merckx Pista, Cane Creek volos track wheelset (black), Nitto track drops

  2. Dark Purple KHS Flite 100, Gold Velocity Deep V’s, White Selle Itilia saddle, Sugino 75 cranks, Nitto Bullhorns wrapped in white tape. A C’MON sticker on the seat tube.

  3. Grey EAI BrassKnuckle, Yellow Weinmann Deep V’s, Black Sugino Messenger cranks, BMX pedals, Black Risers and grips.

  4. White Kilo TT, 50 CM, risers with black Ourys, Mavic rims laced to a Campy in front and Phil in back, pink toe straps.

  5. Bianchi Pista (fixed gear) that I painted dark blue with some bright orange stripes, has bullhorn handlebars with no bar tape, front brake, and stock black/leopard seat

  6. Cream Surly Steamroller without decals, really wide flat bar back wheel is a Phil Wood laced to a white Deep V.

  7. (stolen several months back but hasn’t surfaced)

54cm square, baby blue, white decals. Suzue Promax wheels laced to Fusion rims, rear wheel is black, front is silver. Mid-80s Campy Super Record headset, Cranks (non-fluted C-Record Pista), Chainring (50x16), Aero seat post, front break. Mid-80’s Chorus Aero pedals, white leather straps. Brooks Champion Narrow Saddle chocolate brown. Deda steel drops, no tape, campy bar plugs. Pearl 10cm stem.

bward got his Spicer stolen. If someone can’t recognize that bike, they are blind.

I’m surprised and bummed that Spicer hasn’t turned up- I feel like it would have to have left the city.

i’m guessing you missed the brooks ward thread?

the one about him disappearing?


gene spicer is finding himself and barb’s utility spork in the woods

…and with that i just played out maybe 4 jokes. last we’ll be seeing of those for a while

<3 <3 <3

My IRO just got stolen right out of my girlfriend’s aunt’s front yard - stolen from Livonia, MI. Here’s the most recent picture I have of it. The only differences are that the chain ring, seat post, and stem are all black and the saddle is a fizik pave, and the bullhorns are origin 8 models with black bar tape.

The newer version of the bike also has the tarck bear sticker on the seat tube and two of the urban velo “ride a fucking bike” stickers covering the IRO stickers on the down tube.

Please let me know if you see it anywhere. My email is


hahaha i hope thats real

if you see this put a u lock on it!

Found Bianchi Imola

wow some people have some pretty nice bikes getting stolen, wtf?

Just had my Commuter stolen from work. Hannah’s in Denton.
08 Redline 925. Red and cream. Brooks B17 saddle. Natural Cork bar tape. Cateye Enduro 8 Computer.

EDIT: Bike recovered. Found it locked up while walking home, cops wouldn’t help b/c I didn’t have a serial number, so I ended up liberating it myself.
Write down your serial number now.

Someone broke into our bike room last night and stole my roommate’s bike.
It doesn’t have any particularly stand out parts so it isn’t looking good
but Chicago
put a U Lock on it
Gold Panasonic six speed with bright red bar tape.

Haha I called the cops on some dude who was trying to sell a brand new electra to my shop that sells electras. So I was like “hmm that’s fishy”, 3 minutes later, two cops came in so I figured what the hell and sent them after him. Then he came back and fuckin yelled at me for like 5 minutes.

It may also be helpful if you identify how the bike was stolen if you know? Like clipped U-lock through rear wheel etc. That way others in the city can get a leg up on what the thieves are doing.