Suggest to me a real badass front light.

For commuting on a dark-ass, icy MUP this winter.
I think I’m willing to drop a little coin on this but not too much.

obligatory, half-ass attempt at comedy.

but honestly, I have no idea.

But I’m thinking anything with an external power source. They will blind any motherfucker within 200 yards.

BF lighting & electronics is supposed to be all about the new Magicshine 900 lumen light that’s like $90. I ordered one but haven’t received it yet. I’ll let you know when it arrives.

Light and Motion Arc! You can ride fast and confidently with this light. I got it for 180.00 though. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you got a deal.
Google is showing much higher prices.

Any news on this thing?

I ride with Marwi’s (Nightpros I think). I bought them for 24hrs of adrenalin.

I have a 32 watt bar mount with high and low beam (Water bottle mount battery) And their 20 watt helmet mount (jersey pocket battery). All rechargable.

Things I’d look for if doing it again…
Charge time vs. usage time. Though if you aren’t racing… this likely isn’t a concern.

But I CAN tell you that these lights were bright enough that my times were MUCH faster at night than during the day.

They’re bright enough that cars pullover slow down sometimes.

Rusty I have some niteriders also and I think they suck. But they’re also way old. Primary reason they suck is that the charge vs. discharge time on them is killer.

I bought them used (they aren’t those exact ones) and I suspect that with new batteries they may be legit. But my Marwis still cruched them in brightness. Of course… this is directly based on what wattage output you purchase.

Those Marwis cost 3 times as much as the nightriders.
I suspect that those would work fine for my commute.

How bout this little guy?

[quote=Rusty Piton]Those Marwis cost less than the nightriders.
I suspect that those would work fine for my commute.[/quote]


These are the bar mounts i have. Maybe u saw the HID stuff… which is inSANE

Edit: IM a moron… those are out of stock. But proof of concept. I’ll keep looking

I have a mini newt and it’s nerve racking to ride with anywhere but in town. The power button has a blue light in it that shines into your face too…very obnoxious. Edit: I don’t have the double set up. Just one.

This isn’t too bad of a price.

150.00 here

Thanks for the info fellas.

Also Rusty, any dual light setup is nice because you can typically flash the other one with the high beam button. On the Marwis its a thumb button that you can velcro anywhere.

Bell on the left thumb, Flasher on the right thumb. Bosss.

A guy on fixed vancouver says these Magicshines are the shit.

And they’re cheap as hell, like $80.

Here is his thread:

Edit: Already covered but now with more info.

I’m on record as a big fan of generator lights but they do seem to require more cash outlay, especally with these super deals on the new battery powered lights. My B+M IQ Cyo is great though.

One thing I forgot about the Arc is that it tends to swivel when you hit a lot of bumps. Need to find a way to tighten it. Kind of annoying.

[quote=Rusty Piton]How bout this little guy?[/quote]

Lotta folks at the shop are happy with theirs. One mechanic rigged up a nice helmet mount. Puts out plenty o’ light.

They come with helmet mounts, and I can definitely reccommend my light and motion, but i’d get ay-ups if i were you.
the stella AA is good though coz rechargeable batteries are a plus.

Check this out:

It shows the SSC P7 emitter operating at 2.7A of current which should be roughly comparable to the magicshine light at 2.4A as it also has an SSC P7 emitter. T

That kit as $80 is a crazy deal for a light as bright as most car headlights.