TAF, JA, or just WTH?

Standards are great, until they aren’t.

That’s the Bombtrack Beyond 1 that I’m currently reviewing.

Wow that’s fucking annoying.

someone needs to call the fucking police

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That bike also sports i19 rims with 29 x 2.1 (claimed width) tires. It’s definitely got a Homercar vibe going on.

I don’t get it. Is it a new standard that necessitates adapters to fit the brakes?

ISO mount front, post mount rear?

Flat-mount rear.

Post mount front, flat mount rear, both with +20mm shims?

P cool how all these new bike standards come with stacks and stacks of adapters.

Yeah, IS -> post adapters don’t look so bad by comparison, provided the adapter doesn’t need another spacer.

Where are the rear caliper bolt heads, under the chainstay? WTF.

Some food for thought on flat, post, and ISO mounts:

I want to see the Homercar in all it’s glory!

Weight is 27.5 pounds sans pedals. While not particularly sprightly, it’s still lighter than the All-City Gorilla Monsoon.

Oooh it’s magnificent! (DM’s Pubes immediately)

To be fair, the frame does have some nice details/touches.

My dork ass homercar is 18.5#. I don’t understand all this shit that weighs more than my giant trance full squish mountain bike. Like at that point just get a hard tail.

Pretty sure that these “adventure-slash-allroad” rigs are waaaay overbuilt in the frame/fork department.

this sucks and i dont know bikes

Is a belt drive split a nice feature or a stupid ass flaw?

It’s a reverse-shibboleth

A targeted signal that the bike was designed specifically for idiots, so you should question any remaining details you like about it