TAF, JA, or just WTH?

It was green IIRC

Are people who solder bike frames together for a living not professional metal workers?

Like I think they were in aerospace or something where generally they aren’t Johnny Tremaining their pieces together

yes in that they are artisans making a living

no in the sense that framebuilders are not held to any professional standards of worksmanship or destructive testing or vehicular safety

the other group of professional metalworkers tend to be grumps about the idea of using brazing for anything structural, like not even on a static sculpture, unless you’re joining dissimilar materials and then they’d still question why it’s under load


The only heroes I have melt silver


Potentially TAF bottle cages:


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TAF fade x bag collabo:


Stevey seems to be moving away from his usual flat-bar roadies. I wonder if those wheels make a cool noise like my old trispoke did.


My trispoke never made a noise. Was I just too slow?

Giorgio transcends space and time.


If you passed someone or rode past a wall or something it would reflect it back to you, also, we have a lot of wind here so it could be that too. Mine was a very old one. Hed. Sharp edges.


TOO LATE I saw everything

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Rastaman vibrations!

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Is that built with inconel printed lugs?

While shopping for a cheap shorty for my rockhopper I found some Zitto stems

I have one of these on one of my gravel bikes. It’s fine, nice and short but ugly.

How ugly? Any pics? I have a promax that looks so bulky I kinda hate it. Are there any of these stems that aren’t ugly? I’m thinking of getting it just because of Zitto.

You might not like it, it’s pretty bulky. Those are 48cm bars, it’s pretty obnoxious IRL photo doesn’t really capture.

Looking for "0"mm/35mm stem? The ZTTO official store has a couple. I’ve got these in my cart but haven’t ordered yet:

Others here:

I have their 45mm stem and it’s nice too, forged probably by the same people who do Kalloy Uno stems.

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