TAF, JA, or just WTH?

I feel dat.

Yeah but without the pad both that frame and fork are toast.


The more I look at that, and the way the dirt is mottling the whole thing, the more it reminds me of the industrial dishwasher in my first restaurant job. I can smell the mix of clam chowder, soap, and garbage disposal spew from here.


Are those 26’s?

Seat post is up lol dorks

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Kinda want one…


ohhh is hyacinth back? they’re ukraine based iirc so they shut down for a while

I dunno man. Some of the detail photos are kinda :grimacing:
I don’t think I like the look of this small but crucial weld.

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they’re leaning heavily on the visual appeal of the oil slick shartmo

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I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet the tab extends inside the tube, in which case that weld in that spot should be fine.


The heavy duty rack on the hyacinth website is interesting. X beams rather than tubes.

Damn that’s gotta be heavy. I guess when you have access to a laser cutter and want to avoid all the fuss with working with tubing that’s one way to do it.



This is pretty BA
If I rode 55s I might

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I’m a sucker for shaped or profiled tubing like that

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Usually me too but something about that pattern isn’t doing it for me, it seems hard to intuit that it will help anything in terms of the tubing.

I expect gilco style indents do nothing as well but somehow running the length of the tube makes it seem more aligned somehow with the tube’s job of being long and thin.

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@Eejay This thing seems great for the price. You seen one yet?

I think he decided the xtracycle was the best haul lt.

xtracycle is 1500$ more and only goes to 20mph. Might as well be a rad power bike.

nope. for an extra $2k you can get one that goes to 11, and they’re usually running sales, and you get a better bike.