Tarck Approved database

feel free to edit

one doc to rule zem all

This is amazing.

Can this thread be stickied?

Please sticky. Best idea we’ve had in 7 years. Okay maybe not but all our other ideas are already stocked on Q right now.

Anyone know a mod?

Seriously this is amazing, tarck knowledge forever.

Looks like we need an administrator for this forum.

But what will this do to the DQ thread!

Pssh. The spreadsheet will become so large and ungainly that no one will read it, and the dq thread will be fine.

can someone make a simple database where you supply a brand/item name and it returns the tarck verdict?

Like, thumbs up/meh/thumbs down?

Except the votes would have to be weighted. Fred gets like 10 thumbs. Also, fukka the mtb consensus landing on dh bro tires.

I’ve settled on Snakeskin Rocket Rons or Nobby Nics when I want to turn and stuff.

Ardents are so DH.

ardents are bullshit

let stalk some high rollers/minions

Seems to me MTB tires are better recommended with actual trail conditions explained

MTB tires need a a/s/l for trail/setup/location.


i love it thank you. i added some shit.
mtb tires might need their own sheet with a crosstab like this

        rocky         sandy           dry dirt           muddy dirt           5 foot drops           

tire a
tire b
tire c

that way we can notes on each tire into the categories where we have experience with them

instead of packing my life i spent some minutes adding my dumb opinions.

What, there’s no tab for underwear reviews?