Tarck Ass Poll (+updated with TARCK PHOTOSHOP PICS)

Short story: I’m replacing those white rims with more Aeroheads. Velocity sells them in NMSW black and celeste, and I don’t feel like getting a pair powdercoated again to get that custom NMSW white. What color would you stick on there?

Long story: on the way to ride my Concept at the track for the first time, some guy’s trailer attached to his pick up truck swung around through a curve and clubbed me while I was riding in the bike lane. This pushed me into a curb on the right side and a pretty gnarly crash, luckily no injuries besides a little road rash.

The bike’s mostly fine (still gotta get that alignment checked with the FAG2, but it measured fine with calipers/string method) but the rims are trashed. I plan on just re-using all the spokes I can and replacing a few if they’re too messed up, and building with the same rim (Aeroheads). Don’t want to get my shit custom powdercoated again, too much $$$ to justify.

Update: my Photoshop skills at hand, so you can get a better deal of this tarck situation… oh yeah, the celeste is not the actual color of the Velocity rim, just a crappy Photoshop color IDing on my part, trying to get a color that was somewhat celeste-y.

and there’s a nice pic of a Concept with black Aeroheads.

…and one with celeste Velocity rims.

I vote Celeste, it’s the only brand of bike you can use that color on. By buying them at the very least you will prevent at least one person from breaking this rule.


Classy wheels are so anti-tarck they’re tarck.

edit Black rims with black tires would look pretty slick though.

Tarckeemoon, if the stem and seatpost were silver I’d throw some silver rims on there. I like matching shit up proper though… don’t even let me get into those silver Omnium cranks!

mismatched. then get a spare matching rear wheel for skidzzz.

So I guess you didn’t get the driver’s information or else you can have him pay for white replacement rims. Anyways, I vote for celeste front/black rear. Hopefully that’s the only thing wrong with the bike.


First I’d say white Aeros (w/ new spokes).

Before going with the celeste check to see that it even matches the shade on your frame (Bianchi themselves used various shades over the years) they may not match exactly.

In conclusion, black.

i can’t believe white in front celeste in rear isn’t an option.

“I don’t feel like getting a pair powdercoated again to get that custom NMSW white”


celeste then
i got a 99% on everything on my star tests

and a 69 in reading comprehension.

balance my friends.

Yeah it was a hit and run and the guy had no license plate on his trailer… hey atleast there was one witness who actually stopped and swapped info though!

Weighed out some Aeros at the shop today, those fuckers are 530g! But yeah, definitely want to stay with the same rim, Aeroheads ride nice and it means saving spokes.

PS The mismatched rim option thing was kind of a joke…

if that is the actual color of the rim in the second pic, i would have to say go black

nah, it’s a crappy photoshop wanna-be color match. real world velocity rim would definitely be a different shade of celeste.

Celeste rims would be too much of the color, and thus it wouldn’t pop. I think the bike with the black rims and celeste tires works best.

I’m surprised no one here said lime green yet.

“Lime green yet”

Fo realz!
Lime green front!
Bright orange back!

Celeste tubulars.

I was thinkin about doing those Velocity Escapes tubbies since they’re the same ERD as Aeroheads and pretty much the same rim. They do them in black and silver, so I’d go black in that case. Also means finding more money to buy nice tubular tires though, as I just bought those Pro Race 3’s to race on and one is still sitting new in package…