Tarck Furtive 500

anyone tryna ride 500km this week?

I will probably try for 500 on zwift since I just got that new trainer. The weather is ok outside but the novelty is real.

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kudos, but wrong thread!

i’m talking ‘bout travelling 500km under your own power in dogshit weather


I’ve got maybe 3 days before we are predicted to get snow.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hit 500 km, so my secondary goal is to ride all 8 days.

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ya, i try this almost every year and i feel like the best one can hope for is to start strong and fail gracefully.

relevant edit: @rauce got any plans tomorrow?


i’ll ride at least 5.00km just today alone!


or is it 5,00?


Not really, we’ll prob get off work early


Metric tarck century?

the weather isn’t even going to be very bad here for the next week or so. I’m just that jazzed about having a new trainer. We are looking at mid 50’s and cloudy. Which is pretty good riding weather. I wish it were going to be sunnier but whatever. I might do a bit of outdoor riding but will primarily be indoors.

Is this a thing?

yeah, and there’s even a full line of merchandise to go along with it!


I passed 2400 miles for the year a couple of days ago. I might not do 500k but I might be able to get up to 2500 miles if I put my mind to it. Weather is going to be pretty warm here.



Jock thinks knows he’s better than us. It’d be a reach for me even on Prison Island. Gonna get 0 like usual. Too much traveling.

They added that last year for the people stuck in lockdown where they couldn’t go further than 5 km from their homes, or whatever it was. I think it still applies.

So, being in their target demographic, I should just order the merch and sit on my ass, yes?

Maybe once it arrives, I can ride to the coffee shop and pose in it.

Even if I were in shape, it’d be tricky to pull off this year due to family schedules, work, and travel.

Could be a fun thing to try next year though!
I notice the contest time is based on GMT, which might kinda work in my favor.

that’s the idea!

failure was always the most likely outcome here, but we got just enough snow overnight to nearly guarantee it. i wish i could’ve kept the illusion going for at least a few days longer.