tarck sticker

My old frame died and I am out of tarck stickers. Anyone have any left? Please, donate?



Me too.

I too need some stickers

I have like 2 or 3 left. Whoever wants em, call dibs.


May have gotten ahead of myself. Just went to check on exactly how many there were left and now I can’t find them.

I’m sincerely hoping supgirl didnt throw them out while cleaning the other day.

Fuck. Stand by.

braden is the sticker repository ?

I could use some of these.

out of bears here too :frowning:

I think i am going to do an order of the new ones i made and the old ones and the bear

Was there ever a consensus on why we don’t just print another run?

i got $5 on it

Unsolvable Tarck mystery ATMO

I got one in 2008. Haven’t had one since.

anyone have the old print files?