Tarck to Work Day!

Today is Biek to Work day here in NorCal. Apparently it’s happening tomorrow in other places.

Anyhoo, did you bike to work or school today? Did you get free stuff?

I hit up 3 Energizer Stations and got coffee, snacks, and hand release. Also this stuff

HELL YES: free FULL SIZE Scahrffenberger dark chocolate

WHAT THE HELL: free Chipotle burrito

I start my new job tomorrow and will be biking to work. There was a Bike To Work Day in the Fall and lots of business downtown gave their employees Greenpasses to celebrate.

Bike to Work in DC tomorrow. Then Bike Prom on Saturday.

I bike to work everyday, but that would be cool if they gave me free stuff.

damn, a coworker went to a station staffed by REI dudes and got coupons, a water bottle, and some other shit. I got played.


Will be biking to work tomorrow and have 3/4 days this week. Monday was a toughie. All I know about so far is free drip coffee at a coffeeshop in East Nashville. I live in work on the West side so I doubt that’ll be happening, but I’ve seen a ton of people out this week. It’s really helped with morale.

to make you feel better t… here in the 3rd world the entire nation bikes everywhere.

Somehow I always end up being off on bike to work day :colbert: This is also my designated rest day from the TdT. The wifey rode her scrambler to the office :bear: .

I love being rewarded for things I would’ve done anyways. Free waffles and coffee at the shop this morning. Could’ve hit up more stuff, but I had, y’know, work to get to I guess.

Rode to work today like always. Didn’t get shit.

bike to work week here. there was a ‘coolest bike in town’ contest. one of the catagories was coolest fixed gear. i lost to a cheap spray bombed schwinn with track style tape job. but the guy actually rides it and he’s cool and bought me a beer. got a free fat tire and a .4l drinking glass out of the deal.

I didn’t bother stopping for the free stuff.

heh, just found a pic of me on the Missing Link FB page.

HY: i’m not in lycra
WTH: i’m in shitty work clothes

Like most people on here, I would think, I ride to work everyday and the free stuff stops are always full of people who only ride on ‘Bike to Work Day’ so I never bother stopping. If I owned a car I would probably have driven to work today because I’m an asshole like that sometimes.

i hate riding my bike on bike to work day.

every fucking yahoo is out on their crappy bikes today, riding reallllllllllly dangerously, and they all generally have this great sense of entitlement to the road.

Today I was going to work and a lady and her friends STOPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIGGEST HILL IN MY COMMUTE TO TAKE A PHOTO. I couldn’t really just go around them b/c there was tons of traffic. But nonetheless, there they stopped, smiling their cheesy smiles with a rally cry of “GO GREEN”
I could have punched them all.
In the throats,
and eyes.

Shit, none of you start with “oh, don’t be an elitist! Can’t you be happy that they are riding bikes, not driving cars, saving the planet, blah blah blah”. If they knew how to ride a bike in traffic, then I would be all for everyone riding all the damn time. Until then, fuck bike to work day. fuck having free fucking pancakes be the only reason your fat ass is riding at all. fuck all bike riding idiots for making the rest of us look bad!

lol Kate

Yeah, FUCK!

yea, i got kinda pissed.


also i rode in at 7, it was pretty mellow on the roadways.

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I encourage friends and people I work with to get around by bike because I find it incredibly enjoyable and figure they might as well. Then I’ll come across them on the street and they’re endangering their lives and the lives of those around them. Sucks.