I’m working on it. This looks nothing like final, needs a trash can, lid, some garbage, and 3 panels instead of 4. But this is sort of the direction I’m headed.

into it. City camo, or that black grey wooded shit would look good with that pink imo.



Regardless, I’m in.

Like it wit grey camo. In regardless but i still remember tinyhatgate.

In. Tinyhatgate was kinda tiny, but my problem was I kept losing them.

Can’t wait to see what flavor of clustefuck this will turn into.

In for the lulz unless int. shipping is nuts.

How did tinyhatgate happen so I can avoid tiny hats.

Cost will be around $17-18. I could go cheaper, but I’d prefer to go with Walz.

I don’t think anyone really cares about cheap.

Balleur, we have come to expect balleur eccentric one off shit from you.

Also in unless something untowards for any purpose I could conceive of using it for happens with this.

Thanks for spearheading this if I haven’t said that yet.


Walz can probably ship orders individually too. Maybe not quite as cheap but eliminates a ton of pain. They make nice caps, I agree.

“Tarck” under the brim?

If anyone wants to comment, please do, I’m not set on any design. I just thought a pixelated bear on pixelated camo would be cool.

This will not be a clusterfuck.The process may be slow because I travel a lot, but it will happen.

Oh and if this process works out and everyone is interested, I could do Tarck jerseys. I think a camo jersey with a big neon pink reflective bear would be amazing.

TC: My hat is growing mold; totally in.

i’m in like camo

no tarck under brim atmo

Now I’m looking into glow-in-the-dark sublimation for the bear


I DO care that you ship something that will fit my bucket head. ‘One size fits all’ is a lie. I need an XL size.


You still need the digital file for this? I’ll make one for you tonight after I unpack, run errands etcetera. Just PM me with the specs for the color separations.

YES! That would be awesome and save me from harassing my graphics guy.

All I know about the design process is that the templates are here: http://www.walzcaps.com/caps_custom.html; they need a layered vector file (.eps, .ai).

As far as the camo pattern, I just got it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arkrep/2159751752/

I was thinking the brim would be one of the greens in the camo pattern, but the underside would be tarckbear pink.

David gets a free hat, I only hope it fits. The Walz caps are “one size fits all” – if anyone knows of a place with sized caps, let me know and I’ll go through them.