Tarckbike FTW

I spent a few minutes last night reading Brianforums BFSSFG… wow.

I mean, I totally consider myself a newb / posenger / etc to the whole party foul thing, but man, even I have been around long enough now to find that subforum pretty much a joke.

I remember when the Tarckbike insurrection went down (as do all the rest) and I thought, ah, nice, the assholes have found a happy hunting ground. But actually, I realize now the perceived asshole behavior was pretty much a direct result of the insane/inane/etc swill that constitutes the bulk of the BFSSFG scene. It was a natural, probably even self-defensive, reaction, in other words.

Brianforums new advertising campaigns are freakin’ unbelievable, too. “I lost 2lbs. a week following this 1 old rule”… it’s like reading my email spambox, for fuck’s sake.

In summary: Tarckbike FTW! All praise the mighty and inscrutable Tarck Bear. This truly is the best of all interweb bikeforums.

Oh, and a pre-emptive “fuck you” to all y’all.

Fuck off!

You go there for lolz.

you should get adblock.


less flattery, more dick consumption


why don’t you jerk off a horse, take the money shot, then sever its dick and eat it

Hi Steve.


I got a new ad for them, “I lost 29 pounds by following this old rule eat a bag of dicks each day”

And Fuck You new guy!!

He’s not new, he wrote the xtracycle review.

wait, we have REVIEWS now? This place sucks.

Who in the hell would buy an xtracycle? Fucking fred losers.

real talk tarck is the best bike forum.

tarckbike is about being racist.

Edit: #protestwordfilters

tarck is about how much dick you can stuff in your mouth before you look silly

damn snackie. This aggression + hilarious profile = sup girl?

I love you so much. the deviant, vile, perverted, sort of love.

You’re all just jealous b/c you’re not rocking it oldschool… back when Wald was the shit, and Chrome was something found on your beach cruiser’s fenders.