target tarck

stupid post that will probably get buried to page 4 with no replies but i saw these at target today


whatever i thought it was neat. yes, tarck is not the only sport to use 31mm deep sectioned rims.

that bike weighs 43lbs.

lol. thats kinda badass. but ehhhh


boy i can’t wait for walmart to start selling fixed gears

it means it’s for comfort. you didn’t read the whole thing.

I guess someone in the Pacific Cycle headquarters building noticed me riding by every day with my silver DP-18s.

My boil just burst.

I saw those a while back. Thought about stealing the wheels, making a suicide hub, and selling them to some dumb kid for $300. Should have done that.

You walk around with a ruler? What the hell!!??

The bike next to it looks tired, maybe it’s asleep.


Oh man, if there’s already some veeps on a hybrid Target bike, then veeps on a cruiser are not far away, that means cheep ss freewheel veeps for everyone!

EDIT: Too many double Es!

that bike looks so uncomfortable.

Yeah I remember seeing those wheels on some bike at a west VA wally world and being surprised. They are like alex wheels and all but yeah…I love walmart sporting goods.

ha the ruler is actually a business card my surveying professor gave me. it’s actually a pocket engineers scale and has come in handy many times.

wow front suspension too!

I don’t believe I’ve seen front suspension and veeps on the same bike.

That fork…

There is nothing in the world worse than shitty suspention.

Yes! Paired spoke technology

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]That fork…

There is nothing in the world worse than shitty suspention.[/quote]

haha. i know - suspension fork w/rake… that’s a first for me i think.

It’s bicycles like this that keep people thinking of bikes as nothing more than cheap toys. It’s products like this that do nothing but have a negative overall impact on the world. I hate.