That's a nice rack thread you had there; shame if something were to happen to it again

What rack should I get for my ye olde trek 930. Right now i have a basket but it’s way up by the handlebars and I had to rotate the brake levers way down to get em outta the way. Thinkin one of those canti rando racks + basket but doesn’t one of those break all the time?

These are pretty decent, but I think they like to have eyelets on the top of a fork derpout.

If that looks like an option for you, I’d do the Lucas 2 instead so you have the option to use the midfork stays to stabilize it.

Hmm, they stay p-clamps not included, but pretty sure mine came with two.

I made that topit rack fred linked to work on the sundial. Swapped axle for solid axle, drilled rack up to axle mount from eyelet hole, filed it for clearance around the fork blade, and straightened out the tang for so m e extra length to get it close to level. Probably not worth all the shenanigans to make them play together but whatever, time to find a basket for it.


How old is the Trek and what braze ons do you have on the fork?

I have a 930 from maybe '94 that doesn’t really have any thing on the fork except a hole at the crown and a fender eyelet on the back of the fork. I ordered one of these racks that mount to the fork crown and the brake posts and it’s been one of the better $7 purchases I’ve ever made. I took the legs off my wald and strapped it to the rack with those heavy duty zip ties that bikes get shipped with and every bike shop as a bunch of in a box somewhere.

I was even able to rig up a janky bracket for my dynamo light to attach underneath the rack.

780 grams compared to the Surly front rack 1382g

Mine’s a '95, same (lack of) eyelet placement
does that lil $7 rack sit pretty level? Looks great if so

level enough, I guess?

But this is from someone who zip-tied his basket off-center like 18 months ago and never bothered to redo it.

I would expect tubus to blow surly out of the water when/if they decide to turn their attention to the front platform rack game. Now we need them to make their 24 pack rack

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I’ve repeatedly asked (read, begged) Tubus to make some sort of front rack. Wonder if there are simply too many variables w.r.t. mounting point positions for them to make something that meets their standards.

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Probably. Also potential for a more catastrophic crash should the rack fail.

Well Racktime is Tubus and they made this:

10 KG load, so far no problems on my commuter

This jawn is pretty awesome for basket mounting, the backstop is perfectly angled for it and has mounting holes so you can bolt it on there and the platform:



Is this your first post in NuTarck?

That Racktime jawn completely jacks up your bike’s handling, though.

tru tru

Is it because it is so forward?

Yes, and tall, too.

I posted in the shart question thread but this is probably a better place:

RACK CHAT: my wife got me that restrap rando bag for my birthday but my cobbled together wald/random-ebay rack is too dang short so i need a new rack that is at least 19cm long.

I can get a hookup on a soma demiporteur or a radlawn demipooper.

Rawland: like $15-20 cheaper. adjustable so it can fit another bike with midblade mounts when the milk crate comes back into existence. no published size for the v2, but should be long enough if it isn’t shorter than v1. BUT fuck vean sirnig and his totally unreliable company.

Soma: looks classier, holds about the same spec’d weight, sure fire would fit the rack. not adjustable for the other bike to pass it down to. $15-20 more for me. not sold by complete assholes.

What do? Leaning towards Soma because radlawn blocked me on IG for just asking what the reach was on the new sogn a few times and he’s a jerk to deaf people. PLUS it’s not a sure fire fit.

Crazy talk here but Orc hooked it up with a custom rack for my Wolverine for not much more than a soma rack, I think (it was like a year or so ago). You won’t have a rack tomorrow and it won’t be adjustable at all, it lives with that bike, but it is something to consider.