The Blessed Virgin of UN54 LYFE

I know in the past if not mentioned in the main forum some folks will miss it.


I tried to put in an AU address at the checkout but could only select US states, country option was only for billing. Boourns. Anyone want to punk post me one?



I will ask my contact person at the company about this ASAP.

OK try again on the international shipping they say it’s enabled now.

just ordered with international shipping, does work

Just drooled into my wallet as I pulled it out to pay for this.

Showed up yesterday. Looks great!


I got mine as well. Looks sick! Hopefully it won’t shrink too much

Who originally drew that thing anyway?

Immaculate drawception

i wore mine yesterday as well

Ok time for round 2 who’s in


All praise hambeik on high

TC kind of afraid to wear mine around here, lots of people in my neighborhood who I think take the lady of Guadalupe pretty seriously lol

Unless those people are white then I bet they have a sense of humor too so just do it.

seen on the 'gram this morning, excited for prison island delivery (just as i was thinking i don’t have enough tshirts too)