The New New Guy Thread. Your first post goes here. Seriously.


(taking a deep breath and yelling for as long as possible)



Duh! I can’t come on here to defend my facebook comment without posting my bikes for you to laugh at, can I?


No, thanks for getting that right.

You may now proceed to “Bike Blog Thread”.


Well, I have been riding those bikes since before Rivendell existed (or Grant even worked at Bridgestone), but sure. That doesn’t insult me.


Yeah, that “dipshit”.



[quote=Old man yells at cloud]1983 Trek 520. I bought one new in 1983, but that one got stolen, and was replaced by this one. Bars are up high. So what, I’m old. It has a hodge podge of cheap parts, but they all work for me. My original (1983) dynamo setup was a Sanyo chainstay mounted one - just behind the bottom bracket. Halogen light up front, and a taillight mounted on a long since departed blackburn rack. I’m glad good dynohubs appeared on the scene, but that setup worked better than most people would think.
I peeled the decals off since I’m going to get it repainted (well, powdercoated) soon. I’ll be putting new decals back on, because '83 and earlier Trek decals are awesome. It’ll get a few brazeons added beforehand. Otherwise, I have always and will continue to love it.
[/url]MoranStPkBike by sterlingloons, on Flickr[/img][/quote]
I’m sure someone here can tell me why this bike sucks, but nothing’s jumping out at me.


If we’re gonna nitpick, the non-aero levers should be replaced with tektro aeros, triple could be replaced with a nerd double, but really it’s fine.


I actually like the hand positions of non-aero levers - maybe it’s just what I’m used to. The only thing that drives me nuts is when I see non-aero levers pointed up at the sky (I guess to try and make the transition from ramps like that of aero levers?), which means they are crap to use from the hoods AND the drops.


Those hoods look really uncomfortable…


oops too slow


Fair enough. At least you have the cables routed correctly, behind the handlebars. I can’t stand when people route them in front.


Fair enough. At least you have the cables routed correctly, behind the handlebars. I can’t stand when people route them in front.[/quote]



Indeed. Unlike Eddy, my loops were a too long in that picture - put on new housing the night before I went on that trip, and didn’t trim it enough.


old new guy bikes are solid ATMO

bonus points for jumbo pulley altus x2, which is the only riv-ism I can really abide at this point

#2 is hella on tarck trend


how is your stuff so clean?


Both pictures taken within a day of cleaning the bike (blue Dawn dishwashing soap and a scrub brush). They don’t look like that now in the middle of winter.


I bought the first Altus for like $20 from Niagara cycles or some online place when the mtb’s original deore (or something) finally got too sloppy on the pivots. I loved it and bought another for the 520. The big goofy pulleys are the bees knees, and they shift great. I have no idea how well they index, but they do friction well.


‘Sup old man. Welcome to Tarck.