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on the s+s bike, are those the dropouts of death that soma uses?


They are Tange sliders. I’ve had the bike for about 5 years now and haven’t had any issues aside from the slider set screws backing themselves off on one of my first trail rides. Added some loctite and haven’t had an issue in years.


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RecumbEndpoint Andy




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FuckOff Randy


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First bike. Dumpster parts found by my brother. Looooow trail. Yeah, my chain was too loose, and the spring on the springer fork broke from trying to jump it. Dirty skinwall tires - classic! Stingray frame, and sprung saddle from an old japanese 3 speed. It took riding another bike to figure out that my bike was the reason I crashed every time I tried to learn to ride no hands. Well, maybe we were both at fault.
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are you the dipshit that called out andrew squirrel on the rivendell facebook post

edit: yep. its you.


1983 Trek 520. I bought one new in 1983, but that one got stolen, and was replaced by this one. Bars are up high. So what, I’m old. It has a hodge podge of cheap parts, but they all work for me. My original (1983) dynamo setup was a Sanyo chainstay mounted one - just behind the bottom bracket. Halogen light up front, and a taillight mounted on a long since departed blackburn rack. I’m glad good dynohubs appeared on the scene, but that setup worked better than most people would think.
I peeled the decals off since I’m going to get it repainted (well, powdercoated) soon. I’ll be putting new decals back on, because '83 and earlier Trek decals are awesome. It’ll get a few brazeons added beforehand. Otherwise, I have always and will continue to love it.
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My “new” bike - a 1987 Trek Antelope also bought new. It got a powdercoat a few years ago, and has had everything but the frame, fork, stem, and bars replaced over the years. I had the chainstay u-brake posts cut off and regular canti mounts added. The u-brakes locked up the rear wheel on a dime, but they suck anywhere that isn’t southern california dry. Mud, dirt, grime, etc. gets everywhere, and changing a rear flat was a drag that usually required deflating the tire. Bought as a commuter, fire road blaster, trail rider, and go anywhere touring bike. Still works ok for all that. Yeah, a little heavy, but lighter than a lot of 80’s mtb’s (I think it was 29 pounds stock). I don’t really lust after new bikes, but Jeff Jones has got a good thing going.
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Eamon, I know your heart is in the right place, but I’m going to need you to look yourself in the mirror and understand that this is going to be a rough ride for you.


This dude is cool with me.