the return of the bad handlebar thread

It’s interesting to read the comments, I know someone shared some pix earlier. The people I know using them for Bikepacking are pretty extreme users but I’ve not heard of them having any issues. Possibly not the kind of thing they’d share if they were getting bro deals tho. All of them used them on the Tour Te Waipounamu which is a pretty gnarly test.

I still want a calfee bamboo bike with normal road geometry

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you haven’t seen a bike mess till panda’s come for your calfee.


The force of dropping your commuter off the curb seems similar to the applied force of hitting a pothole/ bump that you missed in traffic. I know I’m always way more jarred by the odd pothole than a curb drop - I’d hate my bars to break when I was on the road matching traffic

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Can people not just get some nittos and stop trying to be so clever?

Let’s see, i can use the cheap smart strong one, or the really expensive stupid one that smashes your face. HMMMMM. HMMMMMMMMMMMM


It’s frankly pretty absurd that this company touts the sustainability of their fragile bar that goes on your carbon bike covered in proprietary parts. I’d bet a fair bit that straight-gauge steel bars have a lower GHG footprint compared to this boutique product.

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Eh for ad copy I think it is appropriate—easier to parse for the lay reader

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