The Tarck Approved database

Here’s the spreadsheet. The database is a culling of the expert minds here for your reference.

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yes it should be sticky and also the sticky should tell noobs “check this before asking for random recommendations you clown”

paging @imoscardotcom - my phone freaked out whilst i was trying to search through the spreadsheet and somehow i turned off link sharing.

you’re welcome everyone.


If I wanted reviews like that I’d read Bicycling.


This seems like an ideal use of the Bristol Stool Scale

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Bleah. A spreadsheet for instagram influencers and starfuckers. Prolly would love it.

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Honey I love it

We’ve all got our dirty little fetishes.

I’d never tour on dirt roads when there’s nice tarmac around, but I do like tastefully curated lists of on-trend bicycles.

It would also be a single tab in our megasheet

Homie is too dorky to be a true #influencer.

He’s a good dude but I feel like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about 99% of the time.


He’s not a culture vulture and seems genuinely stoked on riding.

Plus he gave my product a glowing review.

Would crapbrap with.


Dude needs to be on tarck.


I want him to be on tarck without blowing up the spot, is that a thing?

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I like that guy, he seems like he means what’s he’s saying

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He’s an earnest reviewer
Probably a good dude
Probably lives the bike lifestyle

No he won’t understand

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Given that link has 40 clicks on it from this single domain he might find tarck soon enough